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Teen Face: Austin Hay of Analy High

By KEVIN McCALLUM THE PRESS DEMOCRAT A few years ago, Austin Hay thought it would be cool to build himself a tree house. But then he got to thinking: Why put all that work into something he couldn’t take with him when he went off to college? Then he heard about a guy in Graton building fully functional miniature houses, and the answer became clear. Instead of building a house in a tree, he’d build one on a trailer, and… Read More »

Teen Face: Paulina Cradeur

By PAUL PAYNE THE PRESS DEMOCRAT It is the rare teen who does not dread doing homework. But in Paulina Cradeur’s case, the hours spent hitting the books every night are a prelude to a career in the sciences. The Analy High School junior hopes someday to parlay her affinity for math and biology into a job as an animal researcher and environmentalist who travels the globe trying to make a difference. “My schedule is pretty hectic,” said the 15-year-old… Read More »

Teen Face: Alina Goodrum of Analy

By JEREMY HAY THE PRESS DEMOCRAT It’s the back tumbling. “Certain skills I’m really afraid of,” said Alina Goodrum, 16, describing the gymnastics move that most wracks her nerves. “Ever since I can remember, that’s been her nemesis,” said Darcie Fellows, who has coached Goodrum, a junior at Analy High School, in gymnastics for seven years. So, Goodrum says, “I have to do it every day. You have to break it down into baby steps” — first a round-off, then… Read More »

Teen Face: Gianna Pendleton of Analy High

  By BRETT WILKISON THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Gianna Pendleton can’t resist offering a helping hand. The 15-year-old has plenty of responsibilities of her own, starting with the full yard of farm animals she must care for at her family’s property outside Sebastopol. Those duties start at 6 a.m. during the school year. At Analy High School, where Pendleton will be a junior next month, she also serves as vice president of the Future Farmers of America chapter. But that’s just… Read More »

Teen Face: Mariah Ruth Archibald

By CATHY BUSSEWITZ THE PRESS DEMOCRAT In the cacophony of a noisy classroom with teenagers wandering in several different directions, Mariah Ruth Archibald calmly strolls in and says hello to the students. The Analy High School senior, who is a teaching assistant for the school’s Severely Handicapped Special Day Class, is visiting during a break between classes, as she often does. She plunks down on a bright yellow yoga ball in front of a boy with a workbook open at… Read More »

Teen Face: Pauline Allen

By CLARK MASON THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Pauline Allen has a passion for environmental activism that’s manifested in a number of ways. She’s president of Analy High’s Students for Sustainability Club, she is taking an ecological action class in school, and she is trying to get the school district to include a reading list with environmental themes. The 16-year-old, an 11th grade Sebastopol honors student, does restoration work on the nearby Laguna de Santa Rosa. She helped get recycle bins at… Read More »

Teen Face: David Hua

  By DEREK MOORE THE PRESS DEMOCRAT David Hua is a tiger at heart. If there is a need at Analy High School, the 16-year-old junior works to fill it. And always, with a smile on his face. “He always says, ‘Good morning,’ and ‘Hello,’ and calls you by your first name,” said Analy teacher Lynette Williamson. Hua said it’s just his style to be friendly. His love for Analy comes naturally as well. “It’s the most important years of… Read More »

Overcoming struggles a triumph to be celebrated

By BLAKE JAMAR ANALY HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN, 14 Let me tell you a story. This is a story of a sheltered, naive and probably overly optimistic boy. This boy was brought up by his parents, who wanted the best for their son and sheltered him from the many horrors of the world we live in. This boy traveled as far as he could on the short leash that his small group of relatives that were so involved in his life… Read More »

Teen Face: Caitlin Scheder-Bieschin

By SAM SCOTT THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Caitlin Scheder-Bieschin would have had good reason to kick up her heels this spring break to celebrate on a job well done. Just 7 percent of applicants to Stanford University actually got in this year, and she was one of them. Instead, the Cardinal-to-be and her sister, Gabrielle, joined 20 other volunteers from Cross and Crown Lutheran Church on a trip to Tecate, Mexico, where they hammered out a two-room house for a family… Read More »

Don’t miss out on a chance to travel

By MACKENZIE BOULTON ANALY HIGH SCHOOL, 9TH GRADE Have you ever thought about what someone is doing in India, Paris or maybe Japan, or what their daily lives are like? When I was 14 last February, I got the privilege to travel to Japan for 10 days. I strongly think that if you get the chance to travel, anywhere, definitely go; the experiences you’ll have are eye-opening. The Japanese culture is so different from the United States. One aspect is… Read More »