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Jordan Boehning, 16

Are We Alone? As you look into the night sky from your bedroom window, what do you see? A night sky and stars, but what else is beyond?  Astronomers have concluded that there could be as many as 40 billion Earth-sized planets within the Milky Way Galaxy alone. With an estimated one hundred billion galaxies in the universe, anything is possible. So does this mean that aliens are real? Perhaps, but it is still uncertain. Whether you’re hiding behind a… Read More »

Kate Hoover, 16

Chasing Mavericks The window opened on January 1. Now all there is left to do, for the next three months, is wait. Internationally elite surfers rush to Half Moon Bay within this three month window in the hopes of experiencing what the surf spot is known for: a half a mile off of the coast — surrounded by jagged rocks and the ever-present threat of a great white shark — mountainous, 50 to 100 foot waves rise and break. The… Read More »

Matt Cotter, 16

#GamGate #GamerGate has been one of the most controversial hashtags in the past year. What started as a movement dedicated to unveiling problems with gaming journalism has quickly been derided by critics as misogynistic and hurtful, claims gamers were using Anonymous-like tactics to attack those who disagreed with the movement. And I’m going to defend it. Now, before you stop reading this, let me clarify. I am not defending those within the movement who have used misogyny and general hate… Read More »

Jessica Tang, 16

Unjustifiable Backlash The Charlie Hebdo shooting is a crime against freedom of speech, and a tragedy. But the backlash against the French Muslim community is something that never should have happened. Since the incident, two Muslim places of worship in two separate towns were fired upon; three grenades were thrown at a mosque; someone shot at another mosque shortly after evening prayers; and a small explosion occurred in a shop near yet another mosque. The outright violence against the Muslim… Read More »

Ryan Chavez, 16

I Might Be Jesus At 7:25 a.m. the morning of Christmas in 1997, a baby boy emerged out of the womb of a woman in pain, in a grotesque process of life we call childbirth. Don’t picture that. Instead, picture yourself tearing “A Christmas Story” wrapping paper off of a 10 pound present on Christmas morning while listening to the angelic voice of Mariah Carey singing “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” You have waited patiently for nine months… Read More »

Lauren Gonzales, 16

Low-key Punk Rock   When I was younger, my favorite band was Blink-182. That was the theme song of my awkward transition into teenage-hood and its punk rock aesthetic symbolized my 12 year old self rebelling. I honestly considered myself a “rocker chick,” because, let’s face it, I was. The dark eyeliner I wore and the 2 sizes too small skinny jeans I wore were a result of the music I was listening to. The sweet tunes of Fall Out… Read More »

Yvonne Lieu, 16

For a Straightened Spine I am a worrier. I spend hours filling my mind with endless possibilities of what could go wrong. Maybe the outfit I planned for tomorrow won’t be worn because of a sudden weather change, maybe I’ll forget my homework at home and get a zero, and maybe I’ll take a wrong turn at an intersection and find myself lost for a while. One thing’s for sure though, plans change and things don’t always go a planned.… Read More »

Audrey Hall, 16

Headstrong and Passionate One of the traits that I value highly in myself is my ability to make my decisions, no matter how much pressure I face. I have never been able to let others choose what is best for me. Throughout my entire childhood, I have found this aspect of my personality extremely beneficial in the long run. I have learned for myself when it is worth it to say no, or cease activities that I am no longer… Read More »

Kate Hoover, 15

No More Reading Consumed by high school–social media, social life, and of course, homework–I must not be alone when I say that I no longer have time to read. At all. I used to be the biggest book junkie that ever walked the earth (or at least, that walked the halls of my elementary school). I had an impatient ability to find a good-looking novel that seemed fit to my standards, and end up devouring the entire thing in a… Read More »

Julian Cohen, 16

Chaotic Kitchen “No that’s not how you hold a knife, like this, c’mon put your knuckle against the blade.” There are many things in life that we let pass by unnoticed, and there are thousands of things everyday we tend to unconsciously push towards unimportance. Today, it seems that food and where it comes from is one of them. Now, it’s common to have a blind eye towards these issues. And to these people, I would tip my hat and… Read More »