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Ella Ban, 15

Bad Kid I never set out to be labelled as a ‘bad’ kid, but over the summer I was told by my art teacher that I am a terrible role model. I don’t listen to directions; I focus too much on whatever tasks at hand and ignore everything else; and, according to her, I am a “disruption to the class.” All because I put a hole through her table. In my defense, it wasn’t a very big hole. In fact… Read More »

Annie Gallo, 15

Pick One “Who’s your favorite brother?” As you might imagine, this was a question often posed to me, the tagalong little sister of the Gallo family. My brothers, Matt and John, eight and nine years older than me respectively, would often ask me in jest who I liked better. I never had a ready answer-unless one had bribed me with a piggyback ride. My brothers are polar opposites personality wise- J is more easygoing and laid back, while Matt is… Read More »

Kate Hoover, 15

Graffiti Artist Walking through the streets of downtown Portland, Oregon, trying to find a place to eat dinner in the mecca of food trucks and creative doughnuts, I remember seeing graffiti everywhere: on the side of a building, framing a walk through an alley, on a bridge across the Willamette River. From intricate, colorful designs to a simple word or symbol, spray paint was a main source of expressing artistic creativity. These painted compositions were not only displayed throughout Portland,… Read More »

Michaela Western, 15

The Hands I Grew Up With The hands I grew up holding were not soft, manicured hands that spent their days at rest. The hands I grew up with were rough, calloused: working hands. Walking through the park one afternoon–when I was three or so–my tiny hand encased in the strong grip of my father’s, my little toddler feet running and stumbling to keep up with his grown-man stride, I asked what should have been a simple question: “Daddy, why… Read More »

Lauren Gonzales, 15

Back to Basics Many of my friends ask me why I take film photos. They state: “Lauren, it’s so much easier to just take a photo on your iPhone,” and “Why would you wait so long just to see a picture?!” Film photography is a time honored tradition, one that has gotten lost in the sea of new technology. I believe the modern age has taken away the manual style of life for the world. The satisfying feeling of taking… Read More »

Annie Simon, 15

The Food Experience Food isn’t solely for sustenance: it’s a way of life. Although some people disregard meals and see them merely as necessary, I look forward to the parts of the day cut out to revel in the Earth’s bounty. I was raised to appreciate good food, to criticize it, and to enjoy it. I have loved food since I was young; when I was little, I wrote recipes and bought numerous cookbooks, and my mom and I baked… Read More »