Straight Talk: Are girl, friend becoming too close?

I’ve been searching for insight regarding our 13-year-old daughter. Public affection with her best friend “Ashley” has increased and it seems they are intimate behind an always-closed door.

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Teen Face: Yessica Moran, 17, Piner High School

For Yessica Moran, a recent graduate of Piner High School who is headed off to Dominican University next month, the hands-on experience she learned in a job shadow program at Vista Family Health Center in Santa Rosa was a thrill.

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Straight Talk: Should teen call authorities about beatings?

I have an incredibly bad relationship with my parents. Many tell me to call CPS, or Child Protective Services...

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Teen essay: Back on my feet, and running cross country

When I was 4, I had surgery on my eyelids to allow them to open more. The results didn’t make me look fully normal, but they were an improvement. However, the damage to my legs was already done. Years of walking on my toes had prevented my Achilles tendons from fully developing, keeping me from running well, which made it hard to participate in most athletic activities.

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Teen essay: Dystopia latest lit fashion

Induced by the billion-dollar “Twilight” enterprise, teen fiction has become a breeding ground for tales of the mystical and supernatural. However, in the past couple years a new genre of literature has begun to rise up in its stead: the dystopia.

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Teen Face: Alyssa Moore, Maria Carrillo High School

A passion for animals spurred Maria Carrillo student Alyssa Moore to action during a spring school rally.

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Don’t be afraid to approach someone you like

The Stone-Age societal rule that the guy is supposed to be the instigator is complete bologna sandwich.

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Korean pop music’s creativity, style tough to resist

My obsession spurred from one night — one night with one of my closest friends, Stefanie. I was introduced to the popular Korean Pop band, CN Blue, after she convinced me to watch one of their music videos. Taking in the four beautiful group members, I reveled at their stylish fashion, perfect voices, and lustrous hair.

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Teen Face: Gina Kelley, Montgomery High freshman

Coleen Kelley “is the best mother anyone could ask for,” says her daughter, Gina Kelley — but the Montgomery High School freshman still wants her peers to avoid doing what her mother did: becoming a parent too early.

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Production is always possible

In a society where innovative business models are constantly being introduced, each with numerous paths to bring their business ideas to life, the attempt to hinder development is a dying practice, and one that should not occur in the first place

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