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Ella Ban, 15

Unashamed I’ll just say it: I wear my mother’s clothes. Before you jump to conclusions, hear me out. My mother has good taste. And as I’ve realized, there is nothing shameful about being like your mother. As a kid, I started wearing Levi’s around the same time I first heard the phrase “mom jeans.” By the time it took me to piece together that mom jeans did not, in fact, connote the beauty and grace that I had always associated… Read More »

Teacher Negotiations and Protests

Obviously, teachers are doing enough to deserve respect. So why are they struggling to survive in a “climate of disrespect,” as one teacher put it? Why do they not have district-provided medical health benefits, making our district resemble a revolving door, where teachers are trained here, then turn around and leave for a district that offers them considerably more in both benefits and wages?

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Local protests downtown

by: Lindsay Bribiescas On Saturday at 2 pm, protesters gathered at Courthouse Square to protest against the rising number of deaths of minority civilians at police hands. Demonstrators, many with signs created by Sonoma County’s Peace and Justice Center, spread out along the square. The group then marched along the street to the mall, where they entered Forever 21 and staged a “die-in,” where protesters laid on the ground — “dead” — in memory of Michael Brown, the black 18-year-old shot in… Read More »

Brian Howard, 17

Not an Olympian I always imagined my aspirations as tangible. I always imagined the people I socialized with as my “friends”. I always imagined that I had a stronger support system. Yet, I soon realized that life is not simple; dreams are either impossible or difficult to achieve; people, regardless of your relationship, only support you when life is easy, and the place I called home was not welcoming. Since I was six years old, I wanted to be an… Read More »

Should academic level A-G courses be required

The Santa Rosa City School district has recently been campaigning for a noble, albeit, idealistic policy a policy that would allow all students to graduate eligible for college admission. The district, headed by superintendent Socorro Shiels, had originally planned on getting rid of all non-college preparatory classes and requiring students to complete A-G courses for a diploma. (A-G refers to the high school courses required for entrance into a UC/CSU. There are seven general subject areas labeled “A” through “G”, hence the name). While this certainly seems productive at a glance, the district has run into stout opposition from teachers and counselors. It has since, backed down from its initial position, but the A-G policy is still a hotly debated issue.… Read More »

The dark side of “Ghetto Fab” Homecoming

Every year, SRHS seniors put on baggy pants and gold chains and head off to homecoming. This unquestioned phenomenon is called “ghetto fab,” and pretty much all the seniors seem to take part. It doesn’t seem to have an official definition, but it’s pretty self-explanatory, right? Dress like you’re from the ghetto, and be fab.

If it seems like harmless fun, that’s probably because you haven’t thought it through.
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Teen Life: Zeltzin Campillo of Windsor High

By MARY CALLAHAN THE PRESS DEMOCRAT It was barely more than five years ago that Zeltzin Campillo, then a shy middle-schooler, moved to the United States knowing no one beyond her immediate family and speaking little English. Now an outgoing Windsor High School junior whose debate-team experience and interest in public service have her contemplating a career in the law and, maybe, running for public office one day, Campillo said she considers herself American despite so many years living just… Read More »

Teen Face: Rose Hammock

By JULIE JOHNSON THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Rose Hammock is a natural leader. The sway of the 16-year-old junior at Elsie Allen High School in Santa Rosa comes in the form of a slew of unabashed questions for teachers and speakers. And it shows in how Hammock is often seen sitting with the most timid students, teacher Brian Farrell said. “She has guts,” said Farrell, who led Hammock in a college prep program last year. “Her curiosity is conspicuous.” Hammock is… Read More »

Teen Face: Zena Hinds

By MARTIN ESPINOZA THE PRESS DEMOCRAT At New York University, Zena Hinds of Petaluma has Greenwich Village as a campus — an ideal habitat for a young artist who who dreams of one day performing on Broadway. Hinds, 18, graduated from Sonoma Academy and is now studying music and theater at NYU. She’s been singing and dancing since she was 6 and she knows success on the stage takes a lot of hard work. Although once a shy kid, she… Read More »

Teen Face: Amanda M. Hauth

By BOB NORBERG THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Amanda M. Hauth remembers when golf for her was making sand angels in the bunkers, while now it is celebrating the rare hole-in-one and anchoring her high school team. In the Windsor High School senior’s future, golf may lead to a college scholarship and, just maybe, playing golf professionally. “I want to see where college takes me. I plan on doing really good in college, but if that is an option, I would take… Read More »