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Food Review: Pupseria Salvadorena and Lazzini’s Market

By Caleb Weil There are not that many lunch options for juniors and seniors with off-campus privileges. But there is hope for those tired of In-N-Out, Chipotle, and Panda Express in two locations slightly off the usual lunchtime path. First, there is Pupuseria Salvadorena. This Salvadorian spot is an interesting and exotic alternative to fast food. Located at 1403 Maple Ave, it is only a five minute drive away from SA. Their pupusas are fresh and delicious, and you can… Read More »

Book Review: Someone

By Sierra Maciorowski People are carried away from Marie’s Brooklyn neighborhood from time to time, for different reasons. Some die. Some are sent to mental institutions. Some get married. But whatever the reason, those who leave are always remembered, and though Marie outgrows the neighborhood children who play ball on the street with a blind umpire, she encounters them still. Her childhood recollections begin the novel with a jolt, as an older girl eventually dies by falling down the stairs,… Read More »

Music Review: World on Fire

By Caspian Morast Few guitarists have had a bigger impact than Saul Hudson. Better known as Slash, this guitar virtuoso has established himself as one of the most soulful and creative guitarists to appear on the rock/metal scene. His current band, Slash, featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, has just released its new album titled World on Fire. The album features Todd Kerns on bass, Brent Fitz on drums, Myles Kennedy on vocals, and Slash on guitar. Kerns was born… Read More »

Season Review: American Horror Story: Coven

By Connor Devlin After the tremendous second season of American Horror Story had ended, I had high hopes for a third season. Coven is the story of a modern witch academy and its struggles. It’s like Harry Potter, but horror-ish, I guess. I’ve always found something interesting about Salem, the witch trials, etc., so I was pleasantly excited for this third season. Unfortunately, this season failed to capture the “coven” essence, as well as my attention. Coven has strong character… Read More »

Transformation of Champions

By Sierra Maciorowski “In an era where our public leaders seem incapable of understanding each other’s perspectives and points of view,” said Head of School Janet Durgin, “in debate, you are forced to really dig into views that are often different from your own.” Most debaters have strong opinions on every issue around. From police militarization and brutality to liquid fluoride thorium reactors and fracking, however, every issue has multiple sides. Many tournaments run in accordance with California High School… Read More »

Feminism Unveiled

By Jake Lawson There are a lot of misconceptions and assumptions that are commonly made about feminism, and, as a movement, feminism has developed a certain stigma. I will start off with the literal definition of feminism, a definition that the opposition misconstrues or misunderstands. Merriam-Webster defines feminism as “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” The definition is simple and concise, yet it is often forgotten or overlooked. Feminism is not the belief that… Read More »

The F-Word

By Jess O’Connor Disclaimer: I am not pretending to be an authority on any subject. I am a sixteen-year-old girl. I am barely an authority on matters pertaining to that characteristic. Luckily for me, this is one of them. Feminism is a bit of a misnomer. The word comes from the Middle English femin, which pertains to womanly qualities. This implies that feminism only applies to women, and it is often treated as such. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, feminism… Read More »

International Adjustments

By Clara Spars From starting clubs to joining sports teams to running for SLC positions, Sonoma Academy’s international students are all adapting to campus life with enthusiasm and success. This year, we have sixteen international students attending SA, fifteen of whom from cities across China. During the past quarter, SA students in the International Student Mentor exploratory not only became familiar with these students, but also got to know more about the distinct cultures that they came from, while teaching… Read More »

From Forum to Field: Staff Coaches

By Liam Kolling Perhaps, someday soon, Director of Athletics Chris Ziemer will be seen giving a lecture on the Civil War, or Theater Director Jenifer Coté will be spotted helping an eager soul perfect the high jump. Do teachers and faculty members make the best coaches? Do their skills in the classroom translate to success in the face of competition? Many SA staff members have made the transition into the athletic department, and are truly leaving a mark. In basketball,… Read More »

Spreading the Rhetoric: Youth Debate Camp

By Elizabeth Kolling As freshmen, juniors Jack Greenberg and Liam Kolling walked into their very first debate practice, oblivious to the significance of their steps and unknowing of a predestined fate as students of public speaking and argumentative verbalism. Fast-forward two years and these two individuals stand in the front of a classroom filled with eight middle school students, prepared to teach; the first day of Forensics Camp has begun. “After going to the state championship last year,” said Kolling,… Read More »