Teen Face: Michelle Mejia of Rancho Cotate High School

By JEREMY HAY THE PRESS DEMOCRAT At Rancho Cotate High School, if it happened in the last few years, there’s a good chance Michelle Mejia helped make it so. The 18-year-old Mejia, who graduated June 1 — at a ceremony where she collected a barrelful of honors — [...]

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Torre VS Mawhinney

Torre VS Mawhinney by: Savanna Thomas Ninja stars, Nerf guns, and power tools were all components of one of the most legendary rivalries at Rancho. Roughly ten years ago, this classic battle of the sexes all began with the lust to win the canned food drive. What started as innocent [...]

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Gone for Summer

By Hayley Fox and Catherine Chadwick Is the school in danger from the budget cuts? No, but the summer school program happens to be. That’s right: Rancho Cotate High School’s summer school is no more, due to the tough financial times and rough economy the district is going through, students [...]

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Tattoo Survival Guide

Tattoo Survival Guide By: Krysta Sterns Tattoos are an edgy distinctive feature that has developed over the decades along side the trends of each passing season. If we were living here thirty years ago, tattoos were stereotyped to mostly biker gangs. Only as the reputation of tattoos evolved, so did [...]

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Rancho Steps Up to Save Lives

Rancho steps up to save lives Rancho may have a bad rep but the student’s generosity goes above and beyond that of students at other schools. Many students stepped up to donate blood and help save countless lives in the fall semester blood drive. Rancho students rose above all other [...]

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Parking Prohibited

Around 7:30 A.M. it’s a hectic time for Rancho students. Fighting for a parking spot all the way at the end of the lot isn’t exactly what anyone wants to do this early. Instead of driving in circles in the back, why not take an available spot in the teacher’s [...]

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Hardcore Havoc Review

Hardcore Havoc By: Hunter Roberts As I step in the doors of the graffiti ridden palace, there is suspense in the air. Sound check is the fore bearer of what’s to come, an amazing musical performance of some very talented musicians. The headliner was Sleeping Giant, who came onto the [...]

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More Than A Bad Reputation

More than a bad reputation Why is it that Rancho Cotate High School has such a bad reputation? Could it be the age? The size? The students? No, Rancho is truly a wonderful school. What matters is the quality of your education. Once you graduate, all that you receive is [...]

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