Teen essay: Dystopia latest lit fashion

Induced by the billion-dollar “Twilight” enterprise, teen fiction has become a breeding ground for tales of the mystical and supernatural. However, in the past couple years a new genre of literature has begun to rise up in its stead: the dystopia.

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Teen Face: Gina Kelley, Montgomery High freshman

Coleen Kelley “is the best mother anyone could ask for,” says her daughter, Gina Kelley — but the Montgomery High School freshman still wants her peers to avoid doing what her mother did: becoming a parent too early.

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Teen Face: Madison Bradshaw

By MARTIN ESPINOZA THE PRESS DEMOCRAT For high-achieving students as accomplished as Montgomery High School’s Madison Bradshaw, picking the right college means weighing a number of priorities, including campus prestige and academic rigor. But for Bradshaw, a 4.85 GPA student who is first in her class of 434, [...]

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Teen Face: Alicia Sheerin

By MARY CALLAHAN THE PRESS DEMOCRAT On Veterans Day, a school holiday, Montgomery High School senior Alicia Sheerin headed to the mall like millions of other American teens. At 17, Alicia loves dogs and art. She wears skinny jeans and dislikes school work, preferring to sketch or listen [...]

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Teen Face: Nalani Genser

By NATHAN HALVERSON THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Some teenagers, gifted with intellect and focus, can make adults look downright immature. Nalani Genser, at 17, is one of those youthful iconoclasts. The aspiring model pauses before answering a question. She backtracks out of an opinion, reassesses, and then proceeds to [...]

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Teen Face: Emily Goldfield

By CLARK MASON THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Emily Goldfield climbed Africa’s highest mountain when she was 14, reaching the summit of 19,340-foot Mount Kilimanjaro at dawn. In addition to fulfilling a personal goal, it set the agenda for the Sebastopol teen’s freshman year of high school. Emily Goldfield has raised money [...]

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Comment on “HS Life as a Mexican American”

My friend, the trials you endure today build your character and prepare you for tomorrow. Carry on and pursue the dreams you have. Be determined to accomplish something for yourself. There will always be negative people in this world. Just don't become one of them. "Chale Friend"

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High School Life as a Mexican American

Mexicans in this era are being discriminated against because of where they come from... School is hard for young Hispanics because white people don't like them and want them out. Every time I pass by a bunch of white students or black students they say "chale" or "orale holmes" or [...]

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Tortilla Curtain Book Challenge

Banning any type of book from any high school gives the impression that our First Amendment rights can be easily taken from us as high school students. Students have the right to read any type of literature and to gain exposure to out-of-the-ordinary subjects, including racism and even rape. Logan Sutherland

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Tortilla Curtain Book Challenge

By junior and senior high school years, we as students are being prepared for the real world. Censoring the books that we read will only make our transition into that world more difficult. In the case of "Tortilla Curtain," rape is a serious thing and our English teachers make every [...]

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