In modern media, it’s a man’s world

  By Juliet Daniel An American Apparel advertisement for a flannel shirt shows a man sitting by a window, shirt buttoned up and tucked in, hands in pockets, looking relatively normal. An advertisement by the same company for the same shirt depicts a woman stretched out in front of a [...]

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Whistle-blowing: Leakers protect ideals of liberty

Whistle-blowers have protected the ideals of true freedom and the American people at large.

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Whistle-blowing: Spilling secrets endangers lives

Whistle-blowers are a danger to the great nation we reside in.

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Why students cheat: SparkNotes

By HANK SMITH HEALDSBURG HIGH SCHOOOL, 18, SENIOR Sometimes, it just can’t be helped. Whether it’s because of sports, family events, other homework or just plain procrastination or laziness, every student at one time or another has skipped on their reading homework. And at times like those, likely to the [...]

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Why students cheat: Temptations

By ALEX WOOD HEALDSBURG HIGH SCHOOL, 16, JUNIOR Life is full of temptations. As anyone will attest to, there are times when the drive and desire to do what you know you should not do is overpowering. In high school, college and even in post-graduate studies, cheating has become one [...]

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DREAM Act: Scholarships difficult to get for legal residents

By ROBERT WILCOX HEALDSBURG HIGH SCHOOL, 16, JUNIOR Imagine you are applying to colleges, and you set you sights on one particular school. You just love this school, and it is your dream to go there. The cost is a little high, but you will find a way [...]

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Teen Face: Kirsten Smith of Healdsburg High

By PAUL PAYNE THE PRESS DEMOCRAT When Kirsten Smith goes to Cal Poly this fall to study business management, she'll be one step further down the road of achieving her career goal: Becoming the head of a large company. It’s a path the 2012 Healdsburg High School graduate [...]

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As far as college goes, looking past practical

By AARON A. MILLER HEALDSBURG HIGH SCHOOL, JUNIOR, 17 Being a junior, I have recently begun my college search. I haven’t decided much, but one thing stands out from all my research: I cannot afford to go to college. Realistically speaking, you probably can’t either: Even “cheap” public universities cost [...]

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Rave and/or die

This newly formed word to cater the genre, dubstep, which is so new that even autocorrect tells me it’s wrong, is slowly influencing the music you hear endlessly on repeat on the radio.

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Class Warfare

For one, the top five percent of Americans own an astounding 62% of the wealth (and I’m using figures from 2007; since the recession began and millions of productive citizens lost their jobs, income inequality has only increased).

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