Rebecca Cisneros, 17

Finally Home I am not American. Technically speaking, I am an American citizen, and I was born in San Francisco; however, I have never been able to fully identify myself as living among the American culture. While my father and his brothers were the first generation to be born in [...]

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Teen Face: Katie Rettig

By GUY KOVNER THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Ballet and acting proved the ideal preparation for Katie Rettig’s two-year turn as a cheerleader at Cardinal Newman High School. “I love performing,” said Rettig, who was cheerleading captain her senior year and graduated in May, a day after she turned 18. [...]

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Teen Face: Jake Brown of Cardinal Newman

By MARY CALLAHAN THE PRESS DEMOCRAT One thing that stands out about Cardinal Newman High School sophomore Jake Brown is the degree of consideration he’s given his vocal chords. A subject not even close to most teens’ Top 10 List of Trending Topics, they are key to Brown’s [...]

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Happy Place

Crouching at the foot of the check-in desk at the San Francisco International Airport to unzip my suitcase, I noticed the long line of agitated travelers waiting behind me. I know that I am holding up the line, but unfortunately there

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An education will make both dollars, sense

By BYRON REINS CARDINAL NEWMAN HIGH SCHOOL, SENIOR, 17 Schoolwork is about the last thing teenagers wish to do because there are so many options that are more entertaining. They could chat on Facebook, watch TV, socialize with friends and do so many other activities. According to the Christian Science [...]

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Zone of Focus photo contest entries

Check out all the entries in the 2011 Zone of Focus Photography Contest, which includes students from various Sonoma County high schools. Click here to see the photo gallery of all the entries.

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