Teen Face: Austin Hay of Analy High

By KEVIN McCALLUM THE PRESS DEMOCRAT A few years ago, Austin Hay thought it would be cool to build himself a tree house. But then he got to thinking: Why put all that work into something he couldn’t take with him when he went off to college? Then [...]

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Teen Face: Paulina Cradeur

By PAUL PAYNE THE PRESS DEMOCRAT It is the rare teen who does not dread doing homework. But in Paulina Cradeur’s case, the hours spent hitting the books every night are a prelude to a career in the sciences. The Analy High School junior hopes someday to parlay [...]

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Teen Face: Gianna Pendleton of Analy High

  By BRETT WILKISON THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Gianna Pendleton can’t resist offering a helping hand. The 15-year-old has plenty of responsibilities of her own, starting with the full yard of farm animals she must care for at her family’s property outside Sebastopol. Those duties start at 6 a.m. [...]

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What’s Too Far?

By Alyssa Mintz  “Coach: noun. A person who trains an athlete or team of athletes.”                                               “Coach: verb. To give instruction or advice...” A coach to most here at [...]

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Technology: The Road to Ruin

By Natalie Ambrosio   Imagine a world where no one thinks for themselves. Everyone has beady eyes and stubby fingers – the perfect fit for typing on computers and cell phones, but not for much else. Instead of using interpretive thinking and empathy to solve their problems, the people of [...]

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A Debate Over The Death Penalty

  By Riley Ping Medvigy and Grayson Dimick The Analy High School drama department’s production of Dead Man Walking has inspired many to take a look at the arguments surrounding the death penalty, both for and against its abolishment. Here are two student perspectives on the topic. Arguing for the [...]

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When Push Comes to Suicide

By Cameron Keegan At this very moment, every teenager in America possesses a deadly weapon. In fact, I’m almost positive all of you have it. Maybe you today left it at home. Maybe, you have instant access to it right now. I am, of course, talking about the internet, the [...]

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Teen Face: Pauline Allen

By CLARK MASON THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Pauline Allen has a passion for environmental activism that’s manifested in a number of ways. She’s president of Analy High’s Students for Sustainability Club, she is taking an ecological action class in school, and she is trying to get the school district [...]

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