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Teen Face: Amy Jin

By LORI A. CARTER THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Calling Amy Jin “driven” is an understatement. The 17-year-old senior at Casa Grande High School in Petaluma moved the TV out of her room — “it was too much of a distraction.” Other than keeping in touch with a few distant relatives, she’s not on Facebook. “I like to be in the real world,” she said. In the real world, Jin serves as the youth chairwoman of Petaluma’s Youth Commission, a city-sponsored committee… Read More »

Teen Face: Zena Hinds

By MARTIN ESPINOZA THE PRESS DEMOCRAT At New York University, Zena Hinds of Petaluma has Greenwich Village as a campus — an ideal habitat for a young artist who who dreams of one day performing on Broadway. Hinds, 18, graduated from Sonoma Academy and is now studying music and theater at NYU. She’s been singing and dancing since she was 6 and she knows success on the stage takes a lot of hard work. Although once a shy kid, she… Read More »

Teen Face: Mariah Ruth Archibald

By CATHY BUSSEWITZ THE PRESS DEMOCRAT In the cacophony of a noisy classroom with teenagers wandering in several different directions, Mariah Ruth Archibald calmly strolls in and says hello to the students. The Analy High School senior, who is a teaching assistant for the school’s Severely Handicapped Special Day Class, is visiting during a break between classes, as she often does. She plunks down on a bright yellow yoga ball in front of a boy with a workbook open at… Read More »

Lessons learned in Paraguay

By SHAWNA BROWN and T.J. GRAYSON CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL Making a difference, having an impact and giving back: These were the goals that sent Casa Grande High School senior Nellie Graham 5,900 miles away to the grassy plains and woodland hills of Paraguay, sparking an interest in service to international and regional communities. Focusing on youth leadership, multicultural understanding and community development opportunities for teenagers, the program Amigos de las Americas originally gave Graham this community service opportunity last… Read More »

Teen pregnancy’s costs need to be understood

By GRISELDA RIVERA MARIA CARRILLO HIGH SCHOOL, SENIOR, 17 We’ve all heard the phrase “use protection” at least 100 times. It’s an accurate phrase that some choose to ignore because they hear it so often. But when a Santa Rosa teen health center, Southwest Community Health Center, said last fall that in the past year half of 409,840 infants were born to teen girls age 15 to 19, do you still think it’s unimportant to ignore that phrase? Teen pregnancy… Read More »

Teen Face: Hector Iturbe

  By GUY KOVNER THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Hector Iturbe has two A’s and two B’s in his classes at Sonoma State University, including environmental science, philosophy and biological anthropology. He wants to become a neurosurgeon and to keep playing soccer while he studies human biology at Stanford University, where he has applied for early admission. “I’ve heard it’s tough,” Iturbe said, to balance varsity sports with a rigorous major at the Palo Alto campus. But the 17-year-old Iturbe seems unfazed… Read More »