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A look ahead: 10 years later for Renee Bunn

Renee Bunn’s inspiration for her future job ambition stems from the fact that her own aunt works in Los Angeles and has taught stars, such as Selena Gomez.

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A look ahead: 10 years later for Ysabella Esponda

High ambitions, such as Casa Grande High senior Ysabella Esponda’s, often are struck down by a simple, one-page college rejection letter, causing career plans to change and demoralizing the aspiring high school senior. But for Esponda, an early acceptance into the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising has allowed her to become more focused on her dream of becoming a red carpet fashion stylist.

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Teen Face: Lani Frazer, 17, St. Vincent de Paul

Lani Frazer argues that it would be a good idea to dismantle the entire transportation system, and to take a good look at capitalism while we’re at it. But that’s just what she argues on the debate team.

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Diverging opinions on the risks, benefits of pot

Many teens claim pot use helps them while appearing unaware of the drug's negative consequences.

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The spoken word should never be underestimated

In third grade, I accidentally stabbed myself with a pencil and decided I was going to die.

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Teen face: Marylyn Doung, Piner High

Marylyn Doung of Santa Rosa is willing to step out, whether playing on her high school’s virtually all-male, JV football team or going to a young women’s political conference in Southern California.

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Why students cheat: SparkNotes

By HANK SMITH HEALDSBURG HIGH SCHOOOL, 18, SENIOR Sometimes, it just can’t be helped. Whether it’s because of sports, family events, other homework or just plain procrastination or laziness, every student at one time or another has skipped on their reading homework. And at times like those, likely to the [...]

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Why students cheat: Temptations

By ALEX WOOD HEALDSBURG HIGH SCHOOL, 16, JUNIOR Life is full of temptations. As anyone will attest to, there are times when the drive and desire to do what you know you should not do is overpowering. In high school, college and even in post-graduate studies, cheating has become one [...]

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Teen Face: Madison Bradshaw

By MARTIN ESPINOZA THE PRESS DEMOCRAT For high-achieving students as accomplished as Montgomery High School’s Madison Bradshaw, picking the right college means weighing a number of priorities, including campus prestige and academic rigor. But for Bradshaw, a 4.85 GPA student who is first in her class of 434, [...]

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Confident return to field follows concussion

By AMANDA KRALEY, 17, and KELSEY McCAFFREY, 16 MARIA CARRILLO HIGH SCHOOL ‘‘I remember it happening, but after that, nothing. It’s like it never existed,” Maria Carrillo High junior Alex Wrenn said of the concussion he suffered last August. Wrenn, a nose tackle for Maria Carrillo’s varsity football team, was [...]

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