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Teen Face: Kyle Cameron

By NATHAN HALVERSON THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Kyle Cameron is the youngest vineyard manager in Sonoma County. At 14 years old, Kyle might be the youngest in the nation. He can pick up the phone and order spare parts for a tractor or schedule a time to have the [...]

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High school isn’t training, it’s real life

By WESLEY COBURN SANTA ROSA HIGH SCHOOL, SENIOR, 18 You need to slow down. I know you’re worried about doing well in high school, I know you’re worried about getting into the best college and I know your life is stranger, more overwhelming and more dramatic than it [...]

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Teen Face: Melissa Yokoyama

By BOB NORBERG THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Science is a big part of Maria Carrillo High School senior Melissa Yokoyama’s interests and fits her career goal to become a pharmacist. “You learn about why something happens, why you do something, it explains what you see,” said Yokoyama, explaining her [...]

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Teens at risk for early hearing loss

By NATALIE ANDREWS URSULINE HIGH SCHOOL, 16, JUNIOR There are many noises around us. From concerts to football games, and everything in between, teens are damaging their hearing by the blaring noises of everyday activities. One of the major problems that affects teens’ hearing is blasting iPods to [...]

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Teen Face: Elvis Wong

By CATHY BUSSEWITZ THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Elvis Wong is an ambitious high school senior by any measure. He’s captain of Casa Grande High’s award-winning academic decathlon team, co-editor-in-chief of the school newspaper and a volunteer on annual missionary trips to Mexico through his church. But the challenges Wong [...]

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Teen getting as much out of Giant Steps as those she helps

By ASHLEY MOFFETT CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL The sound of horses’ hooves, the brisk air of the outdoors and, best of all, the smiles and laughter of children. This may sound like a place to escape on a vacation, but it happens to be Giant Steps, a ranch [...]

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Scouts get outdoors, but it’s more about helping the community

By KELSEY MATZEN CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL They are easily identifiable with their sharply tied neckerchiefs, their badge-laden sashes, and their trademark insignia: They are the Boy Scouts. Scouts long have held a reputation for responsibility, hard work and enjoyment of the wilderness. One imagines an average day [...]

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Self-improvement through helping others

By KATHLEEN SCHAEFER CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL Many busy high school students believe they do not have time <NO1><NO>to spare for volunteering, but Casa Grande High School sophomore Rachel Hess’ passion for helping others has caused her to volunteer for two different organizations. Hess helps at the animal [...]

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Teen Face: Cierra Hubbard

By ROBERT DIGITALE THE PRESS DEMOCRAT ‘‘Rodeo is my life,” says Santa Rosa High freshman Cierra Hubbard. The 14-year-old Hubbard last year was named the all-around junior high cowgirl for the National High School Rodeo Association’s district that includes much of Northern California. This year, she will be [...]

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St. Vincent High joining Teen Life

Look for upcoming stories, articles, essays and more from the journalism class at St. Vincent High School.

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