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Teen Face: Jake Brown of Cardinal Newman

By MARY CALLAHAN THE PRESS DEMOCRAT One thing that stands out about Cardinal Newman High School sophomore Jake Brown is the degree of consideration he’s given his vocal chords. A subject not even close to most teens’ Top 10 List of Trending Topics, they are key to Brown’s [...]

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Recession forces lower expectations for teens

By LAUREN HEMMINGSEN MARIA CARRILLO HIGH SCHOOL, JUNIOR, 16 Getting a license, a new car, the latest fashions and having unforgettable nights with friends typically represents the “teenage dream.” With the recession leaving deep impressions on not only adults, but teens as well, this “teenage dream” may become [...]

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Teen Face: Luis Luna

By LORI A. CARTER THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Piner High School student Luis Luna has left his mark on Sonoma County cross-country and track records, but he plans to make another bit of history soon: To be the first member of his family to go to college. Luna, who [...]

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Teen Face: Laynie Stephens

By STEVE HART THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Laynie Stephens didn’t know what to expect when she signed up for debate in her freshman year at St. Vincent High School in Petaluma. “I didn’t know much about it, but I thought it would be interesting,” she said. Four years later, [...]

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As far as college goes, looking past practical

By AARON A. MILLER HEALDSBURG HIGH SCHOOL, JUNIOR, 17 Being a junior, I have recently begun my college search. I haven’t decided much, but one thing stands out from all my research: I cannot afford to go to college. Realistically speaking, you probably can’t either: Even “cheap” public universities cost [...]

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Teen Face: Jose Rosario Avalos

By KERRY BENEFIELD THE PRESS DEMOCRAT When Santa Rosa High School senior José Avalos walked into Ron Reichmuth’s class as a freshman, he was kind of a mess, both student and teacher agree. He had a temper and struggled with anger management. Social situations frustrated him, so he [...]

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Cyber bullying a sad byproduct of Internet age

By LUCY SLAVIN and KELSEY MATZEN CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL Harsh words. Cruel rumors. Offensive slurs. These are aspects of bullying that are enhanced by the anonymity the Internet provides. To see the insults presented in such a clinical way is more heartbreaking than when confronted in person. [...]

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Social networking: We know more; what do we know?

By ITXASO GARAY and ADAM LUNDQUIST CASA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL As the social networking craze increases across all ages, genders and races, the adverse effects of these sites also are increasing. Adolescents are becoming victims of the Internet and are responding with drastic measures. This generation’s creativity and [...]

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TV and children: The negatives

By IZZIE BITTON PETALUMA HIGH SCHOOL, SOPHOMORE One of America's favorite activities is watching TV. Whether its movies, short films, documentaries, TV series or reality shows, being able to watch people create stories of what we would never find possible is what hooks people. Some can say they [...]

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Teen Face: Pauline Allen

By CLARK MASON THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Pauline Allen has a passion for environmental activism that’s manifested in a number of ways. She’s president of Analy High’s Students for Sustainability Club, she is taking an ecological action class in school, and she is trying to get the school district [...]

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