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Omar Khan, 16

Its About Time What is the best superpower? Is it the ability to fly? The ability to sling webs from your wrists? The ability to read minds? As good as those may be, they are hardly close to the best superpower: the ability to control time. The possibilities are as endless as time itself; where do I even begin? For one, you wouldn’t need to study for any tests. Just pause time, go check your notes for the answer, unpause,… Read More »

Jessica Tang, 16

The New Racism A recent study published by the Washington Post in late June 2015 revealed that non-Hispanic white millennials were pretty much just as racist as their predecessors when it came to being prejudiced against blacks. With the recent rash of police attacks explicitly targeting the black community, I can’t really say that I’m surprised. There’s this idea that race doesn’t matter anymore in this shiny new modern society of ours. If recent news hasn’t yet convinced you that… Read More »

Kate Hoover, 17

Asking For It It is understood, although somewhat reluctantly, that celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus have a heavy influence on popular culture. It is understood that professionalism and moderation define the standards of corporate culture. It is understood that the customs and traditions of 195 countries make up foreign culture. Culture is an important part of our daily lives: the many various cultures not only diversify, but also integrate American society as a whole. These cultures are… Read More »

Kaylee Meier, 17

Challenge This Imagine this: no assigned reading in English classes. If the American Library Association came here and spoke to the English department, that would be the consequence. Many of the books on their Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books List have been assigned to students; however, these are also the novels that shaped American history and have opened the eyes of readers to an unfamiliar world. “Of Mice and Men”, by John Steinbeck, ranks fifth on the list. “The Adventures of… Read More »

Ella Ban, 16

Sleepwalking Sleep has been a violent, dual experience for as long as I can remember. When I was eleven, my parents would wake up almost every night to the sound of my screams. When I was twelve, I snuck into my sister’s room and hid in her closet until she woke up. When I was thirteen I attempted to leave the house overnight; my dad caught me, half-asleep, trying to break the lock on our front door. For years I… Read More »

Annie Gallo, 16

*NOT* A Pretty Face Ladies, grab a mirror and take a good, long look. Like what you see? No? It wouldn’t be a very surprising answer. Research appearing in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence has shown that a girl’s self-esteem goes into a steep decline beginning at age 12 and doesn’t improve until around the age of 20. The fashion and makeup industries convince girls to compare themselves to beauty standards set by airbrushed models, while body positivity campaigns… Read More »

Ryan Chavez, 17

Death By Text Being in a group text is like being at a party. Except the party goes on 24/7, and the only music to be heard is the infamous Apple tri-tone alert sound, sometimes going off multiple times simultaneously. A group text is not a new concept; in fact, the Internet initiated a rise in group communication with chain emails, forums, Facebook group pages, etc. However, nothing is as streamlined as the iMessage group text. And I’m not talking… Read More »

Matt Cotter, 17

Ashamed of America The U.S. is becoming a joke. Not only are we not respected by other countries for various missteps and lack of stable educational and economic systems, but it’s been shown that we, as a nation, are getting collectively dumber. In conjunction with this growing stupidity is a growing fanaticism about almost everything. In politics, both right and left-wingers are increasingly dictated by dogmatic belief systems that don’t allow for open-mindedness. The same for religion or lack thereof:… Read More »

Lauren Gonzales, 17

 Leading the Kim Way  Growing up, everyone used Kim Kardashian as an example of what not do to; teachers, parents, and relatives alike would say, “Don’t do that! You’ll end up like Kim Kardashian!” I distinctly remember her on T.V., my mother scoffing then immediately changing the channel. From that influence, I began to truly despise her. At that point in my life, adults never made mistakes like Kim had; they were always perfect. Being a young adult, I have… Read More »

Michaela Western, 17

Gender Standards The unfair opinions people hold against women in this day and age relegate women in how they look, dress, and act. Social ideals paint inaccurate portraits of what every woman should look like; she should have flawless makeup on, be dressed to the nines, speak only when spoken to, and never cuss out loud or eat too much. We forget the modern time we live in. We forget that individuals are just that, individual. We forget that there… Read More »