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SRHS Cross

By TREVOR GREENAN THE SANTA ROSAN On August 26, the students of the Santa Rosa High School Cross Country team met at Julliard Park at the crack of dawn to volunteer for the Santa Rosa Marathon. About 45 orange-and-black-clad students and 20 parents directed, provided water for, and cheered on the approximately 1,900 participants of the 5K, Half-Marathon, and Marathon. Upon arrival, the students were separated into water station and 5K groups. In a very Cross Country Camp-esque arrangement, the… Read More »

Get me a #6: Mom and Pop’s Sandwich Shop

Jacob Whiton, Staff Writer Having eaten there several times now, I’ve become a cheerleader for Mom and Pops Sandwich Shop on 4th street.   Knowing nothing about it initially, I was coaxed into trying it by a friend of mine who was keen to point out their selection of sandwiches named for local high school mascots (that includes the Mighty Panther).   You may have originally recognized it as Mr. Pickles, but the establishment has since defranchised and adopted the… Read More »

Peanut butter chocolate cupcakes

Paige Abrams, Staff Writer Can anyone resist the temptation of a match made in heaven: chocolate and peanut butter? These peanut butter chocolate cupcakes bring together the best of both worlds into a single small treat. This simple recipe uses boxed cake mix to keep things easy, but the homemade frosting makes these cupcakes truly special and amazingly delicious. Trick everyone into thinking that you are a master baker with these delicious desserts, or keep the batch all to yourself.… Read More »

Panera Bread

Isabella Froman, Staff Writer Food isn’t the only awesome thing about Panera Bread. Of course, the food is absolutely fantastic, but eating at the restaurant is half the fun.   The cafe/bakery is decorated in modern, earthy tones and artistically unique paintings. The toasty atmosphere makes it a great place for eating with the family, hanging with friends, or holding a study group meeting.   Instead of being seated at a table and serviced by a waiter like at a… Read More »

The surprising benefits of safflower oil

Megan Korsak, Graphics Editor Safflower oil is an extract from safflower seeds. There are multiple benefits to using safflower oil that can alleviate the symptoms of coronary heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. Although these claims have yet to be proven, many people have sworn that there are significant benefits to safflower oil.   Safflower oil known for its high levels of vitamin E which can lower respiratory problems, helps blood circulation, and strengthens the immune… Read More »

Crepe Daze satisfies both sweet and savory cravings

Celine Sargis, Staff Writer Walking into Crepe Daze, I had a clear vision in my mind of what it would be like: a typical French café, well, the American version of a French café. I imagined dark walls, little round table with two chairs on each side, and the smell of coffee in the air, kind of like a fancier Starbucks, but with a bitter short man at the counter with a funny mustache and an accent, rather than a… Read More »

You named your kid WHAT?

Alicia Soto, Editorial Board When Jay-z and Beyoncé’s baby girl arrived, some were shocked that Blue Ivy was her name. The couple named her after their favorite number, four; which translates to roman numerals as IV, hence the name Ivy. However, these celebs are not the only creative parents to give their child an unusual name.   What follows are just some of Hollywood’s most unusual baby names throughout the years.   The star of National Treasure, Nicolas Cage named… Read More »


Pari Alexander, Staff Writer Tumblr is becoming the biggest blogging site. With its massive growth, many are trying out the semi-new blogging site. However some don’t fully understand how it works or what it really is. If you’ve ever tried to start a blog, but found yourself struggling to find the time, Tumblr will make blogging easy and quick. Tumblr fills the gap between sites like Twitter, where people tweet images and thoughts, and traditional blogging sites such as WordPress,… Read More »

The ever increasing popularity of found footage films

   Alicia Soto, Editorial Board Found-footage by definition is a genre of filmmaking in which a film is partially or entirely presented as a video or recording of an event, often left behind by someone who is supposedly missing or deceased. In 1999 when The Blair Witch Project was released, people were shocked about its found-film point of view. It was bold, never done before, and for once people believed the words “based on true events.”   It seems that… Read More »

Is 3D overrated?

    Justin Dante, Staff Writer By now one might have noticed a trend in 3D movie releases. It seems that 9 out of 10 of the movies released to the public also have an alternate 3D version. Some movies even boast that they were specially made with 3D technology, like the much-hyped Shark Night 3D. But is it really the moviegoers who are addicted to cheap, 3-dimensional gags, or is it the movie executives?   Let’s take a look… Read More »