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Local protests downtown

by: Lindsay Bribiescas On Saturday at 2 pm, protesters gathered at Courthouse Square to protest against the rising number of deaths of minority civilians at police hands. Demonstrators, many with signs created by Sonoma County’s Peace and Justice Center, spread out along the square. The group then marched along the street to the mall, where they entered Forever 21 and staged a “die-in,” where protesters laid on the ground — “dead” — in memory of Michael Brown, the black 18-year-old shot in… Read More »

Music Reviews

By Zoey Ekren ALBUM NAME: LP1 ARTIST/BAND: FKA twigs GENRE: PBR&B; trip hop; electronic English singer-songwriter, Tahliah Debrett Barnett, better known by her stage name FKA Twigs, released her debut album LP1, August 2014. Each song molds together and creates an album that can be best described as hypnotizing. This album would be close to just random noises without her encapsulating vocals. Each song evokes a little more mystery on, who exactly is FKA Twigs? Even with her personal and… Read More »

Book Review: The Anatomy of Dreams: A Novel

By Sierra Maciorowski Your eyes dart open. In the shadows beside your bed, you see a figure—not of a table, nor a lamp, but of a man. He sits, crouched, as you nervously slide the covers off, and doesn’t move as you grab the knife that you always keep under your pillow and… While grossly oversimplified, this is the situation of many of Dr. Adrian Keller’s patients. Not because they attract serial killers, but because they have sleep disorders which… Read More »

Series Review: BoJack Horseman

By Connor Devlin BoJack Horseman: “Life is a series of closing doors, isn’t it?” Genre: Drama, Comedy, Animation Length: 13 Episodes (25 Minutes) Available On: Netflix In recent times, adult animation has been frequent, and dull. Shows like “Family Guy” and “The Simpsons” have been slowly going downhill, better shows like “Bob’s Burgers” are beautifully progressing, but almost everything else has flopped. However, in this slew of unoriginality and dull pilots spouts the Netflix original, “BoJack Horseman”. The show takes… Read More »

Doing it All in the Fall

By Elizabeth Kolling Sixty seconds in a minute, 60 min in an hour, 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and 18 weeks in the Fall Semester, a meager 3024 hours to divide between academics, athletics, theatre, debate, speech and the multitude of other student activities offered at Sonoma Academy. So many interests and things to do and so little time! To some high school students, time is something greater than mere seconds on a clock or… Read More »

New International Students Find Friendly Faces

By Jess O’Connor Incoming international students at Sonoma Academy have been welcomed with open arms by the International Student Mentorship program, which began last year. “It’s just a great opportunity to be able to help people who are coming into a very different situation,” said Izzy Nickel, ‘15, “and to help support them through the process.” Izzy Nickel and Justin Nichols are the two head mentors, who serve as a front between the kids and the directors of the program,… Read More »

New Kid on Campus

By Stella Favaro and Madison O’Brien Freshman Jane Coneybeer has caused quite a stir on campus. Mark, a one-week old baby goat, has accompanied her to Sonoma Academy several times. Born a kid of parents Remarkable Precedent and Holiday Spice, he was named Remarkably Spicy; Mark for short. He was born a week premature, and had to be bottle fed because his mother didn’t have enough milk. To help, Jane decided to take on the task of caring for this… Read More »

Sporting a New Look

By Caspian Morast Thanks to senior and captain Eli Rosen-Duran, the cross country team is looking forward to a comfortable fall season. Eli was inspired to create the uniforms after Athletic Director Chris Ziemer had mentioned that it would be interesting if a student athlete designed new jerseys. Rosen-Duran used a Nike website to create the new look. He has also used this website to design jerseys for himself and other cross country teams. “The previous uniforms were old and… Read More »

Digging for the Dirt on the New Amphitheater

By Stella Favaro and Sierra Maciorowski The dirt rows have been dug, the cranes have deployed, and the hill has been turned into a construction site, with the promise of a new stage and amphitheater. Although most students were used to the sloped grass of the amphitheater’s more natural design, the grass was never intended to be the only seating area. “When we first moved into the campus, we had to stop and not put in the concrete seat-walls, because… Read More »

Dominik Martinez, 17

Friday Nights My room is a horror movie for electronics. Strewn across every surface are various resistors, capacitors, wires, screwdrivers, and other electronic parts. I am the mad scientist, the person who rips into every device I can get my hands onto. Unlike the cliche horror villain, I do  not torture these poor devices for my own enjoyment; rather, I open them up to uncover the mysteries contained within them. Starting from a young age, and never once losing steam,… Read More »