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Book Review: A Tale for the Time Being

By Sierra Maciorowski Heartbreakingly beautiful and terrifyingly abstract, A Tale for the Time Being’s soul lies in the delightful character of Naoko Yasutani, a 16-year-old Japanese schoolgirl with a penchant for awkward self-expression. Her tale weaves the past, present, and future in a mindful knot, leaving the reader almost no time for his/her own affairs. Author Ruth Ozeki, through the alternating narratives of her own character and Nao’s, depicts the inexplicable connections between the so and not-so. That which is,… Read More »

Goin’ Up in Smoke

By Allison Ashley One of the country’s largest chains of drugstores has decided to stop selling the product that will cost it almost $2 billion a year in sales: cigarettes. Starting October 1st, this decision will make CVS the first pharmacy chain to take a stand against health issues related to tobacco products. But, will people get the message or just find someone new to support their habit? According to the American Lung Association, smoking cigarettes is known to be… Read More »

A Trip to Medieval Times at Sonoma Academy

By Amy Pino Armed with a passion for the arts, a unique idea, and plenty of inspiration, Doug Gallagher, Hillary Younglove, and Jenifer Coté are directing a production based on a script adapted from “The Canterbury Tales” (Geoffrey Chaucer, 1342-1400) that will push the limits of a traditional spring production. This spring, SA will put on a mobile play adapted from “The Canterbury Tales” that will physically take the audience on a journey around campus. The play will have large… Read More »

The Creative Spark in High School

By Elizabeth Kolling When families and kids choose schools, they are often times looking for ones that provide profound education with exemplary teachers and a place where students are allowed to express themselves both creatively and conceptually. Where some schools thrive off of students’ visionary and inventive aptitudes, others can often at times, terminate students’ creative abilities. Naturally, among other things, this is where Sonoma Academy and other schools differ, as SA not only allows but encourages creativity amongst the… Read More »

Filtering the Good or the Bad?

By Jonas Ducarroz Are the web filters too strict at Sonoma Academy? Everybody has encountered the “Web Page Blocked!” message when they have tried to access a website that is non-educational or risky, like free game or pornography websites. This is because the school has purchased and is subscribed to FortiGuard. When asked what the purposes of restricting the web are, Director of Technology Sean Freese answered, “The web filter has two primary purposes. First, it works to prevent accidental… Read More »

Food for Thought

By Sierra Maciorowski “It’s a little like Whack-A-Mole,” said Dean of Students Stacy Cohen. “You hit one and you get a point, and another one pops up.” Lunch options at SA have been anything but predictable over the past few years, and the administration’s search for reliability, like an arcade game, has been consistently repetitive. Although new options keep cycling through, some choices have remained constant, like Good Earth Catering. And, according to Stacy, that may also be the healthiest… Read More »

Yvonne Lieu, 16

For a Straightened Spine I am a worrier. I spend hours filling my mind with endless possibilities of what could go wrong. Maybe the outfit I planned for tomorrow won’t be worn because of a sudden weather change, maybe I’ll forget my homework at home and get a zero, and maybe I’ll take a wrong turn at an intersection and find myself lost for a while. One thing’s for sure though, plans change and things don’t always go a planned.… Read More »

Michaela Western, 15

The Hands I Grew Up With The hands I grew up holding were not soft, manicured hands that spent their days at rest. The hands I grew up with were rough, calloused: working hands. Walking through the park one afternoon–when I was three or so–my tiny hand encased in the strong grip of my father’s, my little toddler feet running and stumbling to keep up with his grown-man stride, I asked what should have been a simple question: “Daddy, why… Read More »

Ryan Santos, 17

My Sacrifice I gazed down at the bottom of the pool and focused on my stroke. As I came up for air, I could see my coach waving her arms in a frantic manner, gesturing for me to speed up my pace. It was my meet last of the season, and I could feel the eyes of coaches and spectators on the pool. Swimming the 500m is a long, and daunting 20-lap race—a test of mental fortitude and physical endurance—especially… Read More »

Caleb Lundquist, 17

Without Tears Thirteen years; seems like quite a long time, doesn’t it? Well over a decade, and if counted from birth, takes up most of your childhood life; yes thirteen years can be seen as a substantial amount of time– a lengthy period of life. Well, at least until it’s understood that thirteen years actually stands for the age a young boy was killed at, and suddenly thirteen, that substantial amount of our lives, seems unfair; thirteen becomes too low… Read More »