By Amy Pino

Sophomore Cristian Is­brandtsen has spent the last year taking professional-quality pictures. Alone, this is not unusual. What’s unusual is what he does with the money he makes.

Cristian donates the profits he earns from photographing events to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

“[The business] is a non-profit and it supports the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation,” said Cristian. “I go around Sonoma County and San Francisco and take photos for events, weddings, stuff like that, and all the profits are do­nated to that foundation.”

Cristian was inspired to do photography by his parents who are both involved in the business. He was inspired to donate his profits to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation because of family mem­bers who have suffered from diabe­tes.

“Sometimes I take photos of people who have diabetes and it’s something nice I can show them, that the money is going to this foun­dation,” said Cristian.

Cristian is also willing to donate his profits to other important causes.

“In the past what I’ve done is I’ve gone to other events that have been raising money for other foun­dations and I’ve split my profits, so half will go to mine and half will go to theirs,” said Cristian.

What Cristian does is not easy; when people hire him to pho­tograph events, he has the respon­sibility of providing photos people may cherish forever.

“I think it’s really impor­tant to be able to capture the mo­ment. Especially at a wedding, for example, after the event is over or the wedding is done people want to be able to look back at that ex­perience,” said Cristian. “Probably the hardest part is being able to get photos of all the important people, because when I show up to an event I usually have a list of all the people that I need to be able to take pho­tos of, so I’m there trying to find all these people I’ve never met before.”

Cristian’s job is very im­portant. Not only is he in charge of providing people memorable photos from their events, but he is also do­nating money to a very important foundation, and showing people that it is easy to pair something you love with helping a good cause.

“I know not everyone is into photography, but I think it’s impor­tant to find something you’re pas­sionate about and be able to raise money for your community or help or be aware of a certain cause and be able to raise money for it,” said Cristian. “I think that being in high school, you’re at that age where you definitely can do that and help make a difference.”

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