Headstrong and Passionate

One of the traits that I value highly in myself is my ability to make my decisions, no matter how much pressure I face. I have never been able to let others choose what is best for me. Throughout my entire childhood, I have found this aspect of my personality extremely beneficial in the long run. I have learned for myself when it is worth it to say no, or cease activities that I am no longer invested in. To some people, this might make me a quitter. I have quit swimming lessons, art classes, Girl Scouts, every sport imaginable, and most recently, band. While each of these activities arguably gave me valuable experiences, the best lesson I have ever learned is personal independence.

One experience that began earliest and lasted the longest was my membership in the Girl Scout Association. The values of honor, duty, kindness, and on and on, were crammed into my mind, and once I could display them, I could earn a flower petal patch for my Daisy uniform. This process did little for me other than foster defiance for authority. There is absolutely nothing wrong with joining a group that encourages life skills, entrepreneurship, and compassion for girls; it is extremely positive for millions each year. It just doesn’t work for everyone. Honestly, my best experience in Girl Scouts was witnessing a flag-burning ceremony at camp when I was six; it is still the most exciting event I have ever partaken in. Girl Scouts teaches young women how to think, and I was never able to properly conform. The same inability to behave as expected was found in my failed attempts at summer camp and refusal to play team sports.

Distinctive from my inability to be a team player is my inability to be complacent in a task that I do not find immensely beneficial. This manifested early on with my refusal to continue swimming lessons. Nowadays I can barely keep my head above water, but when I was four, it was worth it to find other activities, and I believe it was still worth it now. If I no longer see the value in a task, I will not persist. What works for me is choosing my own path. My interests have formed through my own personal cultivation and dedication. My love of reading took place because I took it upon myself at age five to read Harry Potter after my mother refused to, because I demanded to be taken to the library many times a week, and because I took responsibility for the thirty-five books I was allowed to check out at a time. I have learned when something is valuable to me; I will do everything I can to give myself the best experience possible. My tendency to be headstrong and passionate in all decision-making processes is something I consider positive; it has taught me to take responsibility for myself and learn the merit of independence.