By Allison Ashley

This summer, Sonoma Academy junior Tucker Crull worked at an internship in San Francisco where he helped create and design the application AGOGO. The app, which was designed for easy access while driving, has podcasts, music, live radio shows, live traffic, horoscopes and articles, which it can read out loud. The app’s slogan is “channeling your world,” which others might agree with considering the first week it was released it was listed in the Top 20 New Apps and has received over 100 5-star reviews.

Tucker’s family friend is the owner of the company that created the app, and Tucker lived all summer in San Francisco with former Sonoma Academy student Jimmy Sweeney (’12).

Tucker’s specific job was to find the sports content, and he even got to fly out to Bristol, CT to meet with ESPN at their headquarters to discuss the app and how ESPN could be a part of it.
Tucker thought that his internship was a “great experience and it was really fun.” He looks forward to going back to work there next summer.

He credits his success to Darren Duarte’s Java Programming class, which he took last semester. The class got him interested in computer science and he plans to pursue that interest in college.

Only 15 people worked at the company throughout this summer: a team full of engineers, designers and computer scientists. Tucker said, “Even though I was only a high school kid, I felt very valued.” He it felt strange coming back to live at home when his internship ended because he wasn’t used to “being treated like a kid” after living and working on his own.

Tucker believes that the crisp, clean and user-friendly design is the best feature of the app, and the fact that you can share anything you read or watch through social media sites. He even uses the app daily because it is a really nice way to stay on top of the morning news. To top it all off: it’s free!