My obsession spurred from one night — one night with one of my closest friends, Stefanie. I was introduced to the popular Korean Pop band, CN Blue, after she convinced me to watch one of their music videos. Taking in the four beautiful group members, I reveled at their stylish fashion, perfect voices, and lustrous hair.

After I birthed my dark obsession, I continued the rest of my eighth grade year feeding and nourishing my need. I became an addict that eighth grade summer: watching each of their videos numerous times, researching the most intimate details of their lives, and criticizing those who dared to speak ill about them. Eventually, the workload of high school took me away from my dark obsession so that it now sleeps within me.

Although K-Pop is not a significant part of my life anymore, I still enjoy listening to the energetic upbeat in the music and watching the creative and colorful music videos.

Recently, the music video Gangnam Style by PSY has become an iconic symbol for K-Pop. Although the majority of PSY’s audience does not understand his lyrics, his song has all of the components for success: it boasts a peculiar dance, a catchy tune, and an interesting singer.

Because of the popularity of Gangnam Style, Korean pop music has become more generalized. Unlike Western music, the majority of music is sung by groups that not only know how to sing well, but to dance, communicate in various languages, and — simply put — to look good.

Typically, Korean pop is more appropriate for younger audiences because it does not focus on controversial subjects like drugs, sex, and alcohol. In contrast, Korean pop music emphasizes creativity and lively subject matters. Just one look at a Korean music video, one can see vibrant colors, vigorous choreography, and a curious plot. Often times, Korean music will be specifically written for a particular Korean drama.

Approximately every month, my dark obsession will wake up when Stefanie recommends more Korean music to me. I sometimes find myself in a trance, in the middle of the night, creepily stalking another boy group. I knew from the moment I gave birth to my dark obsession, I would always have a small part of my life devoted to nourishing and feeding it.

Republished from the Gaucho Gazette student newspaper.