Embrace the Chub

Being chubby is awesome, not going to lie. I love being chubby. Chubbiness is one of my favorite characteristics and is also a very entertaining word to say. Along with being heavier set, there’s a lot of negative energy aimed at me. First off, chubbier individuals are made fun of more. A person thinks that calling a fat person “fat”—or a variation of the word—is mean but really it’s just a blunt observation. When someone calls me fat I act as if it’s unknown and that it has been a big secret kept from me. But my favorite is when I call myself fat and people, especially girls, tell me I’m not. Face it, sister, this isn’t a mini pillow under my shirt, it’s my stomach.

When I was in junior high I used to get made fun of a lot. I would come home and cry and just feel terrible about myself. Why had God made me fat? So people could make fun of me? So I could feel terrible about myself? Then junior high ended and freshman year approached. I thought that it would be over but it wasn’t. There were two individuals who couldn’t give me a break. The tormenting was so bad that I went into a slight depression. It wasn’t serious but it happened. There was a cloud that loomed over me for a while. Luckily I had my brothers who were very protective and promised to beat the crap out of the kid if he laid a finger on me or made fun of me again. Then, he was caught doing a misdemeanor crime and expelled from high school and sent to juvenile hall. Over the next couple of years I learned to embrace my chub.

The Mr. GQ competition really helped with that. Especially Sebastian Ruys. You may know him. He was chubby guy just like me and was hilarious, loud, and pretty much did whatever he wanted. He was in GQ for two years. He broke me out of my self-conscience shell and helped me with accepting myself. I mean, he wasn’t the only one but he was a major factor in doing so. Other factors were celebrities like Kevin James, Jack Black, and, of course, Chris Farley. Chris Farley is my favorite celebrity next to Jimmy Fallon. He’s funny, fat, and was apparently a really nice guy. Tommy Boy was my favorite movie and is still on my list of favorites. It shed a new light on larger actors and physical comedy. And now as a teenager I can actually appreciate the humor and story. Jack Black in School of Rock was also monumental for me. The line Black says to Tomika right before the big performance stuck with me. “People worship me! Because I’m sexy, and chubby, man,” Tomika: “Why don’t you do on a diet?” Black: “Because I like to eat! Is that such a crime?”

Even through all the hardships I’ve faced and the bullying that has happened to me, I keep my head up and appreciate what a slow metabolism and need for food have given my self-esteem. I’m stronger now. I feel like a better person now. I love to make people laugh and that’s just one characteristic of mine of many. Some others include being sexy… and chubby, man.