A Loving Companion

    To me he is a friend, a loyal companion that never leaves my side, a lovable pooch that forgives without remorse, and a gullible pup that chases after every stick, but to society he is a criminal, an awful animal with a bad reputation, a cruel creature bred to attack without shame, and a serious threat to the safety of the community. It’s difficult to fathom the severe stereotypes regarding such a beautiful and loyal breed, a dog like any other, the Pit bull.

Because of their strength and stature, Pit bulls are perceived as an ideal fighting dog, and sadly have been bred all over the world by humans in attempt to create the biggest and most aggressive offspring. Their infamous histories of dog fighting have given them a negative status in society and they are defined as an aggressive and violent breed. Despite their dreadful past and exaggerated accusations of violence, Pit bulls are like any other dog, and although society thinks otherwise, I strongly believe a dog’s behavior is not determined by their breed, but by the manner they are raised.  I myself am a proud owner of a Pit bull, and I can legitimately say that I have raised a well behaved and faithful dog. Yes he is energetic, and high spirited, but never once has he done anything to deserve the negative criticisms that society projects.

When I received him, he was just a pup; a three week old Pit bull with a gray and white coat, a pair of bright blue eyes, and an energy that could not be tamed. Over the past year and a half I have stood by Simba, and he has also stood by me; I was there to see him stumble and fall on his stout puppy legs, I was there to see him cry when receiving his vaccinations, and I was there to see him shunned and rejected by society. Every time I walk Simba, I am aware of people’s stereotypical observations towards him. As soon as someone realizes it is a Pit bull on the leash they immediately cross the street or begin walking in a different direction. People want no contact with Simba; they want nothing to do with a Pit bull. It saddens me to think that the majority of people fear Simba, and his breed; if only I could prove to them that the only aggression my dog shows is towards his stuffed animal or his soccer ball.

Like the cover of a book, or the appearance of a person, Pit bulls should not be judged. Behind their immense, strong, and well-built bodies which at first glance might seem threatening, there lies a loyal, playful, and lovable animal. Even though some Pit bulls have committed vicious crimes in the past, society should not punish the entire breed for it.

I do not only consider Simba as my pet, I also consider him sort of like a son; I feed him, I take care of him, and I raise him. I love him like any other father would love his son and because of that I refuse to allow people along with society assume that my dog is a cruel, threatening, or good-for-nothing creature. In reality, Simba poses no threat; he is a loyal, high-spirited, and friendly dog. For as long as society discriminates Pit bulls, for as long as they discriminate Simba, I will stand by my dog and I too will feel that same discrimination.