By Sydney Weil

Among the many new faces around campus, there is one in particular that stands out.

And he’s not human.

“Everybody loves me,” said Lil’ Champ himself. “And I’m happy wherever there is someone to pat my belly.”

Champ has been coming to school with Head of School Janet Durgin ever since the beginning of the school year, and he has quickly worked his way into the hearts of everyone on campus.

“I became more aware of how many dogs needed to be rescued,” said Janet when discussing how she came to get Champ.

She believes that rescue dogs have a special bond with their owners, and the rescue dogs she met seemed truly more grateful. So, through, she found Champ.

“I’ve wanted a small dog for a long time,” Janet said, and this was finally her chance to get one. First, though, she had to promise her husband John, “I would do everything.”

Since she got Champ, Janet says her daily routine has changed a lot, both at school and at home.

“My office looks like a daycare center,” she said. “There are toys and stuffed animals everywhere.”

Janet also would like to thank both staff and students, for their help.

“I wouldn’t be able to do this without everyone’s support and assistance!”