By Amy Pino

The California State University system has reached an all-time peak in troubling budget cuts. Recently, the CSU system has been making arrangements to cancel 2013 spring admissions. This decision is dependent on the outcome of Jerry Brown’s tax measure, which will be decided in November. Students are waiting with anticipation and anxiety to learn the fate of their admission.

CSU hopes that decreasing enrollment will help to deal with the $750 million budget cuts and the looming possibility of another $200 million cut if the tax measure isn’t passed. Classes are expected to be fewer and larger with a reduced number of staff. The CSU system does plan to admit a small number of transfer students from community colleges to certain universities, but many students at community colleges who worked hard to earn credits will be deprived of the opportunity transfer.

These recent proposals add heightened fear to students struggling to graduate in four years, with five years becoming a standard for graduating students. Students have seen a dramatic increase in their tuition over the past few years, with CSU hoping that will help with the debt. University students are working to protest further budget cuts and increasing tuition. They are frustrated with the changes that the current economy has brought to their education, and are trying to stay hopeful while waiting for the November voting to find the fate of 2013 spring enrollment. Hopefully these propositions will help bridge the gap of debt and bring new hope for students of the universities.