Charlie Gray, Staff Writer

As a senior, college is very much a part of my daily thought process. There are many things to worry about, mainly the cost.

At UC San Diego tuition and on campus amenities costs $29,343. And that’s only covering the basics. But that’s not just a California fluke. For a California resident to attend school at the University of Washington it would cost them up to $41,543.

We can see by these numbers that school is expensive everywhere. Realizing that the first two years of college serve to knock out general education requirements, shouldn’t there be a cheaper alternative?

Well, the answer is literally next door. Taking six classes at the JC costs roughly $216. Using SRJC as a means to knock out one’s general education requirements is a great option to save both you and your parents a large sum of money.

How much money? Over two years they could save an estimated $6,100 by going to one of the top ranked junior colleges in the country.

According to CNNMoney, College seniors who took out loans average about $25,000 in accumulative debt. Looking to the Junior College is something that will undoubtedly save both you and your parents from having sleepless nights over your financial concerns and is certainly a good option to consider.