Pari Alexander, Staff Writer

Ah, yes, Lady Gaga. A freak isn’t she? False. Lady Gaga, aka Stefanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta, has paved the way for a new era of entertainment. Though Madonna finds her “reductive,” her jaw dropping number of “Little Monsters” find her perfect. A role model, she provides kids and adults all around the world with someone to look up to. She advocates gay marriage, is strictly anti-bullying, and most importantly, lets people feel that they can be themselves, ala her hit “Born This Way.”


Though many find her outfits weird and outlandish, most of them are straight off the runway. Thus, calling her weird is essentially calling Alexander McQueen and Jon Galliano bad designers.


Once, when asked “Why is Lady Gaga’s music so bad?” I answered, “Why do pigs fly?” The answer is they don’t. Lady Gaga’s music is pure gold ground up and run through a microphone. She started playing piano at age 4, went on to write her first piano ballad by age 13, and then moved on to open mics by the age of 14. She then received early admission to Tish’s School of the Arts. Isn’t it wonderful that stars such as Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Ke$ha were all accepted to art schools because of their angelic voices? Oh wait, they weren’t and that would mean Lady Gaga is the only one.


Currently planning her new tour for the “Born This Way” album, Lady Gaga is taunting her fans with the release of the tour dates, which have yet to be released but are expected very soon. She is already working on a new album, which I can doubtlessly say will be a work of art. Gaga has brought even Madonna to shame. Let us all take a moment to worship Mother Monster.