Mikaela Beloberk, Editor-in-Chief

Things are looking bright for Santa Rosa High’s baseball team this year, especially with the addition of three new assistant coaches. The three new coaches, all of whom are SRHS alumni, have high hopes for this year and each brings something special to the team.


Greg Steele, Class of 1989, was talked into coaching by Coach Paige Dumont but is more than happy to have the opportunity to be a part of the team. However, for him, coaching goes beyond baseball. “We’re not all about baseball,” he explains. “What we teach them—they can carry it on to college or work. We’re about having a good group of young men, building good kids. Just being good citizens basically.”


Andrew Pasquini, Class of 2011 and four year member of the SRHS baseball team, was not expecting to coach this year. “Things didn’t go as planned for me with baseball at the JC,” he explains. “I wanted to stay in the sport of baseball, and Paige and Brian gave me the opportunity to coach.” It’s proven to be a pleasant surprise for Pasquini, though, who feels that coaching the team is his way of giving back to SRHS. When asked what the hardest part about coaching will be for him, Pasquini replied without hesitation, “Not being able to play. Being out here four years in a row and then not being able to play…When we get to games, it’s gonna be even tougher.”


Bryan Price, Class of 2004, was also a four year member of the SRHS baseball team. When asked what he is looking forward to most this season, Price replied, “learning a lot from the other coaches and also seeing my old high school succeed. I’d really like to see us do well.” As far as coaching experience goes, he coached before with Dellepere the year after he graduated and coached for a school in Sacramento last year. However, he loves being back at SRHS, a school of great tradition. “It’s great to be back. I love Santa Rosa, and I look forward to a great year and having a lot of fun. It’s been fun already.”


There’s no doubt that these SRHS alumni are ready to bring their Panther Pride and help the baseball team reach new heights. It’s bound to be an exciting season.