Bella Chanthalangsy, Graphics Editor

Amidst characters such as widowers, Tinkers, Taylors and Solider Spies, and getaway drivers it may seem that a journalist diagnosed with cancer pales in comparison to those characters. However, Joseph Gordon-Levitt brings depth and emotion to his performance as this journalist in the film 50/50. And for this, Levitt has earned this year’s Rosie Award for Best Actor.


The story of 50/50 is a comedic drama which centers on Levitt’s character, Adam, as he goes through the process of accepting and living with a rare form of spinal cancer. And while the risk of transitioning to a badly written, one episode character featured on Grey’s Anatomy, Levitt carried his role with the upmost excellence. From Adam’s diagnosis, where he must believably keep his composure, to the point after an elder cancer patient’s death where he had to allow himself to let the emotions and the resolve go, Levitt delivered his character without under or over playing any situation or dialogue.


Coupled with his individual performance, Levitt’s chemistry with his costars was genuine and a rarity. Adam’s character did not overshadow the severity of his father’s condition of Alzheimer’s disease, or obscure the genuinely endearing decency of his best friend (played by Seth Rogan). A good actor is only as good as he showcases his supporting cast.


An unlikely, but admirable frontrunner, Joseph Gordon-Levitt led his cast with rawness and finesse that could not be matched by any other actor for his role. His good guy, typical guy character beats out the British accented, silver foxed leading men from other films of this year for Best Actor. Levitt deserves not only accolades, but honor.