Miranda Owen, Copy Editor

Dear Thirteen Year Old Me,


As I’m in the home stretch of my entire high school career, a disgusting amount of emotions flush through me every day.


Being in the second semester of senior year, I’ve come to the realization that this is almost it – and so has everyone else. For the first time, I feel like Class of 2012 is united. We’ve realized we need to leave it all on the table; have as much fun as physically and emotionally possible before all of our classmates depart and we go our separate ways.

I’ve been reflecting on my time here at Santa Rosa High for the past few months. There’s one major piece of advice learned from my high school life that I need to express to you, Thirteen Year Old Me. And that’s not to live in such a small bubble all through high school. Just this year have I started to hang out with relatively different people and I want to smack myself in the face for not knowing all these cool people since the beginning. There are over 2,000 people at SRHS and I still see new people every day. That seems so wrong to me and it should to you, too.


So, I have a task for you: go make more friends. Branch out and talk to the Artquest dancers, the photographers, the cheerleaders, the football team, the quiet kids in the library, the person in charge of Yearbook, the kids in student government, the Artquest drama kids, those smart kids that raise their hand for every question, the FFA people, the track team, or anyone else that walks by. Make new friends but keep the old.


You’d be surprised by how many cool people you’ve walked past for years. Don’t pass them by anymore.




Senior Me