Izzie Bitton of Petaluma High


One of America’s favorite activities is watching TV. Whether its movies, short films, documentaries, TV series or reality shows, being able to watch people create stories of what we would never find possible is what hooks people.
Some can say they see many shows for ages 2 through 6 teaching basic concepts on sharing, making friends and fun activities or sing-alongs for kids to get into.
The younger a child starts with TV, the more hooked they become to making it apart of their daily schedule. People use TV or movies in almost everything they do. Whether it is as simple as eating dinner in front of the TV or watching it first thing in the morning, people are constantly around the TV. It takes away your social life and it keeps you from being active. There are children who can watch seven hours straight of TV and still say it is not enough for them.
“TV and movies are great, and they’re fun to watch, but you should not watch them all the time because it’s not good to sit around all day,” said Victoria Brunal, a Petaluma High School sophomore.
It is a known fact from kidshealth.org that children who spend more then four hours a day watching TV are more likely to be overweight and less active during the day.
TV also displays a bad influence for kids in many shows, which makes children more likely to become aggressive. Drugs, alcohol, clubs and raves are what are shown to be what is “cool.” Children and young teens that watch people party on TV can get the idea that they want to be just like them.
TV or movies are great on occasion, but when you take advantage of that, then you have nothing to look forward to.
One must find moderation on the hours spent watching TV. Kids need to keep in mind that when you sit and waste a day watching something you most likely have already seen, it is not healthy. If people monitored how much they watch it, they could have more time to do other things.
At the end of the day, TV is a fun and entertaining pastime that America loves to participate in but one must find moderation of it.