By Allison Ashley

It is that time of year again, to start spreading the holiday cheer. This year Sonoma Academy’s community is planning on making a huge impact on people’s lives near and far. Our goal is to change the lives of families less fortunate than our own this winter, and we have many plans to do so.

The annual coat drive headed by junior Miles Levin has returned this year for the holiday season. Miles hopes to beat last year’s record number of donated items. You can donate any type of warm clothing: coats, gloves, hats, jackets, socks, scarves etc. The boxes for these items are located in the gym foyer.

For the first time this year, many of the advisory groups at school are planning on heading their own community service project for the holidays. Some are planning on raising money for local toy and food drives. Others have creative ideas like reading to people in nearby nursing homes and serving food at food kitchens. A couple of groups are even going to spread the love internationally by purchasing animals through Heifer International. An animal, like a goat, could change a family’s life forever. It would provide them with milk and cheese, which they could eat and sell for money. They would even be able to breed the goat and they could sell those goats and ultimately make a business and be financially comfortable, all because of that one goat.

Holidays are a time filled with great food, family and friends, many laughs, gifts, and love. It is also the most important time to give back to others, just as SA plans to do this winter. There are no words to describe that feeling when you know you have made an impact on someone’s life, but why only get that feeling once a year? As a community we should try to make a difference in this world, every month of the year!