Fashion is something that characterizes a person, something which expresses the inner self.
When people see Casa Grande sophomore Taylor Martinez, they see a young icon, dressed in a way that’s completely unique.
“I see my style as city-like,” Martinez said. “I like shopping at Forever 21, Express, Aldo, for their old English-style shoes, Abercrombie and Hollister.”
Martinez finds his inspiration in a plethora of places. Sometimes, he looks to the runway for his outfits. Other times, he gets ideas from a celebrity’s style. Most often, though, his creativity stems from simply observing his peers.
“I’ll see people around school, and I’ll see an article of their clothing that I like, then I’ll recreate it and pair it with something to create my own style,” Martinez said. “I also see pieces I like at a runway show, and I’ll find something similar to it at a better price.”
Although Martinez claims he does not have a style idol, he does acknowledge there is a little influence from those whose fashion he likes.
“I really love the clothes by Yves St. Laurent, though I can’t afford any of his clothes,” Martinez said. “Lady Gaga also has really great style, but I would never copy it.”
Being a fashion connoisseur, Martinez has strong opinions about the styles at school.
“I really like the Hipster look. It looks rustic and back to basics. I define it as English,” Martinez said. “I dislike the jock look; Nike T-shirts, basketball shorts, long socks, Nike sneakers, and ‘mandals.’ It doesn’t go together, it looks bad, and people wear the same thing every day.”
Martinez’s style contains several different pieces, worn uniquely every day. However, there are certain staple articles of clothing that appear frequently in his outfits.
“My favorite outfit consists of ripped jeans, my gray toms, a gray cardigan, and a Member’s Only jacket from Burlington Coat Factory,” he said.
Martinez’s friend, sophomore Victoria Jones, sees him as someone with a unique and fashionable sense of personal style. She finds that being his friend proves helpful when it comes to forming outfits.
“I learn some tips just from his overall look,” said Jones said. “I’ve never asked for his advice, but if I did, I know he would give it to me.”
Martinez is a staunch believer in individual fashion and recognizes the lack of creativity in everyday clothing.
“I think fashion is a very untouched topic,” Martinez said. “We should really focus on clothing more.”
Even though Martinez believes he is surrounded by people who aren’t as motivated to look good on a daily basis, he is still compelled to look his best, every single day.
“I feel that I’m a very fashionable guy because I don’t see anyone wearing what I wear,” he said. “It takes me a long time to get my clothes to be what I want them to be.”