Analy High School junior David Hua’s many interests include band, debate and leadership. Press Democrat photo by Jeff Kan Lee



David Hua is a tiger at heart.
If there is a need at Analy High School, the 16-year-old junior works to fill it.
And always, with a smile on his face.
“He always says, ‘Good morning,’ and ‘Hello,’ and calls you by your first name,” said Analy teacher Lynette Williamson.
Hua said it’s just his style to be friendly. His love for Analy comes naturally as well.
“It’s the most important years of my teen life,” he said. “I just want to give back to my school.”
Hua grew up and lives in Santa Rosa. But he chose Analy based on feedback from his friends and from sites that review and rate schools.
He’s not regretted his choice. Hua praised Analy for having first-rate teachers and a friendly student body.
He spoke this week while taking a break from decorating the school’s hallways ahead of this weekend’s big game against football rival El Molino.
As the school’s ASB business manager, Hua is heavily involved in student affairs. He is the layout editor for the school newspaper and a member of the band, having taken up the clarinet this year.
He also is a member of the school’s speech and debate team, despite his nervousness speaking in front of groups of people. Hua said to calm himself, he takes deep breaths or paces.
“I just tell myself it’s going to be fine,” he said.
His latest passion is trying to get a new marquee for the school to replace the current dilapidated one.
Hua submitted an essay to a company that is sponsoring a competition to help public institutions replace their aging signs. As of this week, Analy had received the most votes on a Facebook poll that will be used to select the winner, which will receive $3,000 toward a new sign.
“We need a better way to communicate with parents,” Hua said.
Hua is an only child, and that suits him fine.
“I’ve heard brothers and sisters can fight,” he said.
His parents, Cam Hua and Litu Jiang, emigrated to the United States from China. Hua said he was impressed with China’s historical monuments and natural beauty during his visits there, but his heart, as always, remains in Sonoma County.
Hua’s dream is to get accepted to the Massachusetts Institute <QA0>
of Technology and pursue a career that involves math or medicine.
When the pressures of teen life really bear down, Hua said his favorite escape is to watch episodes of “SpongeBob SquarePants.”
“It’s a way to relax,” he said.

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