Cyprien Pearson of Petaluma High School


On a quiet afternoon at home earlier this year, I happened upon “The Glen Beck Show” — the conservatively biased “news” hour that used to be on Fox. At first I laughed: What is this about a girl not being allowed to say the “Pledge of Allegiance?” What is this about the ills of schools without religion?
With two democratic parents, I have grown up with the liberal viewpoints befitting the average Californian, and with that the typical scorn for all things American. How many times have I watched someone here snicker for a “Support our troops” sticker? How many times have I seen eye rolls for displaying an American flag? How many times have I seen students refuse to say the “Pledge of Allegiance” because they are too cool for that? The answer to all of these questions is too many times. Time and time again, I too have laughed at our past president or offered up liberal solutions for “the problem” and oftentimes the lack of humanity in government. I am not innocent of “America bashing” either.
However, in the hour I watched Glen Beck argue the logic of everything pro-American, a part of my mind that always questioned the liberal side of California emerged. In truth, I have always wondered why so many Americans choose to not display a flag, why patriotism is often met with laughter and why “being American” equates to a rifle-wielding, beer-drinking, wife-beating, Southern accent-speaking, monster-truck-driving individual.
Although I never may agree fully with the decisions of government or my fellow citizens, I do concede I should love the country in which I live. Has America not provided stability, safety, food, education, housing, and comfort in the 17 years of my life? Cliché as it is, compared to many other countries in the world, life in America is entirely one of ease.
Perhaps it is only the West Coast that refuses to love our country. Perhaps it is only Democrats. Whatever the case, my thoughts remain the same: If you claim to hate our nation and our leaders, then why remain in this country? The world is open to roam and countries are willing to take others onto their shores. There is no law restricting Americans from leaving America and taking up residence somewhere else.
Perhaps I am alone in my thoughts, but I ardently believe one should love the country in which he or she lives for a country’s land sustains you, its government protects you, its people welcome you. Why don’t we love our country?