By Marbeya Garcia-Bermudez

Many people wonder what exactly makes healthy food good for your body and your taste buds. Nowadays, the taste of vegetables and fruits can be altered and improved through new recipes. Looking at a Whole Foods bag one might be attracted to the “Top 10 ANDI”. An ANDI score is “a number from 1 to 1000 that lets you know how nutritious your food is.” Additionally, the “highest scoring food has the most nutrients per calories.” The ANDI includes the following:
1. Collard greens 1000
2. Kale 1000
3. Watercress 1000
4. Bok Choy 824
5. Spinach 739
6. Broccoli Rabe 715
7. Chinese/Napa cabbage 704
8. Brussels Sprouts 672
9. Swiss Chard 670
10. Arugula 559
Some people don’t remember the last time they ate any of these, much less enjoyed them. However, I believe you can have your veggies and eat them too. For example at Ceres, a Sebastopol community based service project, volunteers have been cooking meals for people with life threatening diseases and illnesses for several years now. Many of the recipes will make your mouth water and believe it or not they’re full of vegetables and grains- the healthy stuff! With plenty of resources readily available one can find a multitude of recipes online and in libraries.

When you wake up in the morning consider making yourself a smoothie with plenty of berries and your choice of fruits. For an extra kick sneak in some kale which you probably won’t taste.

For lunch perhaps a nice grilled chicken with spinach pesto. Not only do you get the protein but the pesto will add a light burst of flavor.

For dinner a creamy curry cauliflower and broccoli soup will finish off your day and leave you satisfied.

Here is an example of very nutritious and healthy foods for the mind and soul.
1. Berries- include anti-oxidative compounds like vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene; Help memory and “enhance performance” of the brain. Also reduce risk of heart disease and cancer.
2. Cherries- Cox 2 inhibitors and polyphenols; Anti-inflammatory and help prevent heart attacks and strokes due to blood clumping together
3. Apples- flavanoid called quercetin and phenolic acids; protect against diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Also help reduce the risk of cancer.
4. Curry- curcumin which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties; May help treat Alzheimer’s
5. Eggs- choline; During fetal development and early childhood eggs “may help us learn more readily and also help us retain what we learn.”