By Allison Ashley

Intersession is two weeks after winter break ends, where every Sonoma Academy student gets to pick a class or travel somewhere. During this time, there are no grades. It is all about learning and experiencing new and exciting things which hopefully expand students’ knowledge of any of the subjects that are offered. These range anywhere from robotic engineering to traveling to France, so everyone can find something they like…plus, every student enjoys not having any homework for two whole weeks!

Some of the highlights of this years intersession included:

Inner and Outer Adventure took a trip to Angel Island and that was quite a week to remember! While the group was kayaking, the current became so strong that the kayaks, which did not beat the current, had to raft up together and be pulled by the motor boat. When they still made no progress, Sonoma Academy’s guide called in the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard then took the students to the island where they met up with the rest of the group. Some people did not get their belongings the whole trip, because they were across the bay.

Here are what some inner and outer students had to say about their trip:

“Throughout the obstacles, I felt like the whole inner and outer group really bonded!”

“Overall the experience helped us build trust and work together. I’m glad it happened because it was a fun and bonding experience!”

Rock-climbing, another popular intersession, spent their two weeks at Vertex Climbing Center where they worked with trainers on their rock climbing trails. Sonoma Academy’s own Thor Nolan was able to make a complete boldering course never before done, and even the instructors couldn’t climb it. Vertex let him even name the trail himself.

Some people really loved their intersession experience! Here is what SA students had to say about intersession 2011:

“Intersession was a great time to bond with students I don’t know, and it was a great transition time into second semester”

“My intersession experience kicked butt, literally! I really enjoyed the Martial Arts intersession because it was really fun and it was great exercise!”

2012? Here are some of the intersessions students wish to take next year:

“France!! It sounded like a lot of fun when I talked to a bunch of the students that went.”

“I would love to go on a trip to England, that would be so awesome!”

“Next year I want to take Inner outer, or go travel somewhere. Those sound really fun!”

It looks like every student can’t wait until Intersession 2012!