By Elvis Wong

Technology is swiftly advancing and with it the most productive and advanced countries in the world, i.e. the United States, China, and Japan, are constantly racing in this technological era to create tools and machines that perpetually satisfy the unlimited desires of the average technological consumer. This is the problem: technology is helping humans move too quickly.
In the past, social entertainment relied on a limited spectrum of activities. When people were bored, they would go outside and play ball in the park or throw the old Frisbee around. Or perhaps they would stay inside and spend hours playing Monopoly. Or they would even find a book, a magazine or a newspaper to read. But what has become of these books and magazines and newspapers today? Sadly, they are all beginning to disappear. Poof! In the blink of an eye (or rather, a few decades), these various forms of reading are gradually reappearing as a new digital form through technology.
Because technology is replacing the publication of books, magazines and newspapers, what has become of the publication industry? Frankly, most of them are gone. In fact, according to an article published by The Washington Post, U.S. newspaper circulation has hit its lowest level in nearly seven decades. Within the past year, newspaper sales have dropped approximately 10.6% and these figures continue to increase. I love technology. I probably love the Internet a little bit too much. But we certainly cannot forget picking up the Sunday morning paper at Safeway, about looking at the awesome pictures in Time magazine or reading the great literary classics that we studied in high school.
Now, newspapers are appearing on the Internet and books are digitally formatted onto computers, eBooks, iPads, Kindles and other new technological gadgets. While magazine publication remains relatively popular in its own right, there is no saying how long they will last.
I just cannot imagine the day when I will no longer be able to pick up a new book and enjoy a good read accompanied with a nice cup of tea, feeling the fresh crispness of each page and taking in a deep breath to begin a new journey into the mind of its author. Yes, I can read on my iPod Touch but it is not the same. The truth is technology can fail us all. Books cannot. Newspapers cannot. Magazines cannot — we can bring them wherever we go. If your Kindle runs out of batteries, you’re out of luck. On an airplane, we can always rely on a book to not run out of batteries.