Carlee Carter of Petaluma High School


Many students do not feel they need to do things other than the basic classes to graduate, and although this is true in the short term, it will do little to help in the long run. Outside of classes, there are multiple activities that you can do to help you in the long run. Extra-curricular activities are good to participate in because they look good to jobs and colleges.
Extra-curricular activities, such as clubs, electives, sports and community service, are things colleges look for when you apply. Colleges like diversity and students with all different likes and dislikes. No school wants one particular group of students. Schools look for students who play sports because they are dedicated, and sports help build a good work ethic in the students. Colleges want students who are dedicated to the schools and have good spirit.
Employers also look for students who participated well in school. If you don’t plan on going to college but are planning to get a job right out of high school, it helps to show that you were willing to challenge yourself and participated in school activities. Clubs, sports and electives can give you good references for your future bosses.
Studies have proven that students who do sports have increased work ethic and time management because they must balance their schedules. Employers and schools want students who can work hard and will not waste their time and money.
Community service also can help in the long run. Employers and schools want students who are helpful and willing to volunteer and are active members in their communities. Community service also can get good references from people you have volunteered with.
Clubs and sports also allow you to meet people and make new friends. When you join a club, you are getting an opportunity to meet and hang out with people who share similar interests.
Clubs and sports can help in high school as well. Clubs are a place to talk and meet with students who share similar interests, so they are a great opportunity to meet people and make new friends. Although it is true they can be time consuming, they also can be very beneficial. Extra-curricular activities can teach students how to balance their time better because they have a hectic schedule. Sports also can benefit you because you are able to meet people who enjoy the same sports as you. Sports also are beneficial to your health because the physical activities can get your heart rate up and keep you healthy.
Sports can help reduce stress in teens. Studies have proven that being physically active can help get blood flowing to the brain to reduce stress. They also can help you sleep better at night and give you more energy. High-intensity workouts are a way to releases bottled emotions that cause stress and tension. It can release chemicals into the brain that can increase a person’s mood, making him or her happier. Sports can be a distraction, helping you forget about unpleasant or stressful things. It also can boost your self confidence, causing you not to stress about what others may think about you because it can cause weight loss and muscle tone.
Extra-curricular activities can help students with long-term and short-term goals. Jobs and colleges look for people who participate and have a good work ethic. Clubs and sports also are a great way to meet people with similar interests and who enjoy the same things. Sports can help reduce stress making your high school experience better. Extra-curricular activities can be a huge help, both in the long term and short term.