by Kylie Buck

Four years strong, senior Brittany Tieken has been conquering the diamond and has consistently been a prominent contributor to the softball team.
Tieken first made the varsity team as a pitcher during her sophomore year, and has been one of the Lady Gauchos’ top pitchers since then with a 63-29 strikeout to walk ratio. Unfortunately, a shoulder injury during her junior year left her unable to pitch.
“I had to have surgery on my labrum twice,” said Tieken. “I wasn’t able to pitch, but I did hit so I still contributed to the team. Coming back from that surgery and still being a successful pitcher is probably one of my greatest accomplishments for softball.”
This season, Tieken has been solid on the mound. She has pitched 1067 pitches this season in 70 2/3 innings while simultaneously retaining an impressive 1.09 ERA. In addition, she has not allowed any home runs. Tieken has also helped lead the Lady Gauchos to a winning season with a team record of 12-11 and her own record of 6-4.
Tieken will be attending Sacramento State University next fall and will miss her team and the camaraderie they share.
“It feels really good to end the season on such a good note and with so many wins.”