by Joey Ellicott

As the 2010 school year comes to a close, senior Vinny Fausone has shown his skill out on the mat, making the best out of a year that included a trip to state and a sprained finger. He began his wrestling career in seventh grade, and Fausone’s passion for the sport allowed him to persevere and come out on top.
“Overall it was a successful season,” said Fausone. “I came back from my injury, and it was great that I was able to sustain that injury and still wrestle well.”­­
As Fausone got an early start on the wrestling scene, he always had high expectations for his seasons.
“My goals have always been to qualify for state; Donovan and I are the fourth and fifth to qualify. I wanted to win NCS, but I only got third,” said Fausone.
Leading up to the state match, Fausone wrestled numerous kids from the East Bay, including students attending De La Salle, which set him up for the most memorable match of his career.
“I wrestled a kid from Rancho; he had beaten me twice before. In the first period he took me down, making the score zero to two.
In the second period he thought he could take me down again, so he chose neutral and I got a two-point reversal, which tied the match at two to two. In the third period I chose down and got a reversal and I won the match, qualifying me for state,” said Fausone.
Fausone wants his athletic skills to exceed the boundaries of his sport, influencing other people by his excellent work ethic, intense workouts, and first-rate academic achievements.
“Vinny is one of those guys you just have to listen to,” said freshman Sam Petersen. “You can always count on him to have good advice, which shows because of how experienced he is at wrestling. He is a very moral person and his intense workouts are inspiring to up-and-coming wrestlers.”
The drive for the sport is what sets Fausone apart, making him one of the best wrestlers in the school; his high expectations allow him to strive to get better every year; his dedication to staying conditioned and working year round will permit him to go as far as he can in wrestling.
Wrestling is a life-commitment for Fausone and it shows in his dedication and conditioning that he goes through. Fausone attends a summer camp called J Robinson, which is a highly regarded camp all across the nation.