By Hayley Fox and Catherine Chadwick

Is the school in danger from the budget cuts? No, but the summer school program happens to be. That’s right: Rancho Cotate High School’s summer school is no more, due to the tough financial times and rough economy the district is going through, students who need summer school to make up their credits have to look for another alternative.
“It has been confirmed, there will be no summer school this year,” said Counselor Margarita Gonzalez-Jordan at the Freshmen transition orientation. For many, this could mean having to re-take many classes for those students who bank on having summer school to get the credits.
The school may instead use its summer school budget to make a 7th period instead for senior students who need the additional help, though his new compromise is still undecided. If the district decides to advance with summer school like previous years, there would be such few openings for students that a majority might not be able to attend. Students may even have to consider going to a different district for summer school to make up their credits. But the hassle would be incomparable having to find another summer school program in a completely different district, let alone, if they would even let you in.
In affect of the removal of summer school, students lacking credits must find a new alternative or, ironically, actually do the work.