Around 7:30 A.M. it’s a hectic time for Rancho students. Fighting for a parking spot all the way at the end of the lot isn’t exactly what anyone wants to do this early. Instead of driving in circles in the back, why not take an available spot in the teacher’s lot? We’re already paying $20.00 to park on the school’s grounds; doesn’t that give us the right to park anywhere? Fixing this issue would allow students to save time getting to class. I understand that teachers of course need the close spaces to help with the hassle of carrying in their necessitates like armloads of papers and equipment for that day’s lesson. But there are over 160 people in our student body that are currently driving and all rushing to snag a spot, so why not let them park in the un-used?

Our parking lots are already a bit crowded and rather complicated to survive your way out of, especially with all the parents who crowd it not only after school, but before school as well. Parents are causing a delay of an extra 20 minutes to getting in and out of the parking lot. As for new student drivers, it only takes one car to cause an accident and potential hazard. The solution is quite easy to accomplish. Parents can drop their child or children off at University Square, The Community Center, or even Cross and Crown Lutheran Church. Then their child can use the crosswalks provided and make it safely onto campus without the worry of protective parents.