More than a bad reputation
Why is it that Rancho Cotate High School has such a bad reputation? Could it be the age? The size? The students? No, Rancho is truly a wonderful school. What matters is the quality of your education. Once you graduate, all that you receive is your diploma. You don’t go around for the rest of your life saying, “my high school had a new paint job” or “my high school had a lot of money”. The things that people say about Rancho are not true. Sure there are students involved with drugs and students that are sexually active. But if you go to any high school the results are the same. Rohnert Park has only one main high school, unlike many of the surrounding towns. This means that some people don’t have a choice in going to any other high school except Rancho. All of the people that live in Rohnert Park and Cotati that go to schools out of the district don’t look at everything about Rancho. They just think because we don’t have as much money as, for example, Santa Rosa High School that their child won’t be able to learn at a high standard. Those people are misinformed to think that. Maybe their child just doesn’t have the ability to learn in a more realistic environment. The fact that they go out of district shows that their child can’t push themselves to learn.
Although students at Rancho may think that the majority of teachers are bad, they’re not. Of course there are teachers that nobody likes and that seem like they don’t know what they are doing, but when people say that all teachers at Rancho can’t teach, they are full of bologna. What they don’t realize is that if you take time to see all the teachers, many of them are great teachers. In fact Ms. Sumner got the Teacher the of the Year award. If you look deeper you would see that great teachers are around every corner.
Also Rancho houses many AP and Honors classes. Students that take these classes are more likely to succeed in college and in life. The ones currently teaching these courses are experienced in that particular subject. There are always people, like students and staff, who are willing to help you out. If you’re having problems with school work, Rancho has a lot of opportunities for you to get help and bring your grades up.
Rancho Cotate High School doesn’t just have great academic courses and activities, but they also have great extra curricular activities. Most high school students either participate in sports or other activities, like clubs. Rancho has an amazing music program and just last year the band went to Washington D.C. to perform, the only school chosen to represent. Also Rancho has great sports choices. Rancho has made it to numerous league finals and taken home many championships throughout its years as a high school. And just two years ago, Catamount, the school paper, won many awards along with the ones it won from the previous years.
It gets really old hearing bad things about Rancho. Instead of thinking about the downside of Rancho, people should start thinking about all of the positive thing about Rancho.