by Hannah Croft

            Stakes, and stress levels, are high this week as Ms. Carpenter, Ms. Bombace, and their stellar casts prepare to unveil their production of Chicago. Thursday morning, as the cast presented a few select scenes for some lucky middle schoolers, cast members were flushed with nervous excitement – and stage makeup – for their first performance.

            The cast in this performance included Kelsey Tarantino as Roxie Hart, Jacob Whiton as Amos Hart, and Barry Riggins as Mary Sunshine. The other cast features Lena Jacobsson as Roxie, Simon Wilson as Amos, and Inanna Craig-Morse as Mary Sunshine. Both casts include Lety Meza as Velma Kelly, Austin Humble as Billy Flynn, and Mara De la Rosa as Mama Morton.

            While only a few scenes were showcased in this preview, it’s clear that Santa Rosa High’s presentation of Chicago is one not to be missed. The endless hours of rehearsals – cast members and those involved behind the scenes have been at school until eleven o’clock every night this week – have obviously paid off.

            “You know,” Ms. Carpenter told me, “this is just a preview. We’ll look much better once it opens.” Excuses, my father has always told me, stink. But this production didn’t need any excuses. Despite a few messy light cues, the condensed Chicago went off without a hitch.

            The show features a large number of ensemble members, so students are almost guaranteed to see someone they know on stage.           

            Chicago opens Friday night at 7 PM in Santa Rosa High School’s auditorium, and it would be a shame to miss such a magnificent show. Tickets are $7.50 for students and seniors, and $10 for general admission. Get there early, you wouldn’t want to miss out on a great seat for what promises to be a great show!