Expand your mind. The internet is out there, do important stuff with it. Like listening to music, for example (through legal means, of course). That’s important right?
I dunno about you, but I like being the guy in the room who goes “Oh, you haven’t heard about [insert unknow band here]? Lemme show you their album…”
Allow me to give you a bit of an edge, and take a gander at the bands listed below. Likewise, if you’ve got a band you me to gander at, please send suggestions to thehoundsbark@gmail.com
by Hade Shoup
Are You Ready for the Heartache Cause Here it ComesMurder Mystery
Murder Mystery is a pop band with energy AND an intellect . When it comes to pop music, you should know you’ve listened to something good if you’re still humming it to yourself days later. The music come off as child’s play, despite it’s complex segments and layers. You feel like you already know their songs, but you don’t, you’ve lived them. Finally, “Love Astronaut” has become one of my favorite songs. Ever.

Best Singles: “Love Astronaut,” “What My Baby Said,” “Who Doesn’t Wanna Give Me Love?”
Find Them At: http://www.myspace.com/murdermysterymusic

Oh No Oh My
Laid back, mellow pop, Oh No! Oh My!’s self-titled first album defines an average teen’s life. It’s exactly what you want from an indie band; soft acoustics with outstanding lyrics. Very catchy, very melodic, and very playful, it’s happy-go-lucky car music (and I mean that in the best of ways).

Best Singles: “Skip the Foreplay,” “Lisa, Make Love! (It’s Okay!),” “Jane Is Fat,”
Find Them At: http://ohnoohmy.com/

A sextet from the United Kingdom, tunng likes to experiment in a grey area of pop music dubbed “folktronica.” Pitting finger-picked acoustic guitars against synthesized beats, along with some more… experimental, devices (a crackling fire serves as the rhythm track in one song). Be warned, however, the trippy stuff seeps under your skin.

Best Singles: “Bullets,” “Bricks,” “Don’t Look Down or Back,” “Tale From Black,”
Find Them At: http://www.tunng.co.uk/