by Hannah Croft

SRHS will soon see its third principal this year. Interim principal Sue Sion’s term is up, and her last day was Friday, February 19. Sion didn’t expect to leave so early – she had hoped to finish out the school year. “I had hoped to stay longer,” she said.
Sion looks back fondly on her short time at SRHS. She described leaving as “bittersweet.” She created strong relationships with many faculty members, as well as students. “I just said goodbye to student government. That wasn’t easy. . .I created a good rapport with them.” Sion wasn’t ready to leave just yet. “I wanted to finish what I started,” she said with a smile.
“I’ve felt the support of all the students and staff,” she said. “And I feel very grateful to have worked here.” Sion loves the diversity at SRHS. “The students are all very receptive and open-minded.” She admires the attitude of the students, and appreciates their desire to be on campus, and their relationships with staff and students. “I know some kids are here because they’re required,” she says, “but I feel as though most kids are here because they want to be.”
“I enjoy being around young people,” she said. “They keep me young. They keep me in the know.” She has enjoyed watching students interact, and seeing how things have changed over the years. “High school is very different now than it used to be.”
Sion brought a new set of ears to SRHS. “I listen. Most of the time, people just want to be heard,” she says.  “I just treat people with respect, and kindness – the way they want to be treated.” She admires the way the faculty has been able to work as a team to overcome any challenges they have faced throughout her time here.
An outpouring of gratitude has come her way, in the form of cards, flowers, and hugs. Sion thanks everyone for their support.
“Overall,” Sion said, “I feel like I was meant to be here. I felt very welcome. That’s a great feeling to have.”
The new temporary principal will be announced in an after school meeting on February 22nd.