by Andrew Pasquini

When you think of greatest names in Super Bowl history, the mind goes to names such as Joe Montana, Joe Namath, Tom Brady, and Kurt Warner. No one ever mentions the great Dion Rich.

Who is Dion Rich exactly? Well he has played in exactly zero Super Bowls, coached zero Super Bowls, won zero Super Bowls, and has been the water boy in zero Super Bowls. So why is this non-factor such a great name? Dion Rich is a spectator, and he is the greatest gatecrasher in history.

Rich, who is currently eighty years old, has slipped into 32 of the 43 Super Bowls. That’s 74 percent of all Super Bowls. Not only has he done this repeatedly, but he has also gotten on to the field for the post game celebrations and into the locker rooms for the team’s celebration. There have been photos proving this.

The first Super Bowl that Rich was unable to attend was Super Bowl XXXVI in 2002. The Superdome was on tight security after the attacks of 9/11 and he was unable to find a way in.

Sneaking into Super Bowls isn’t Rich’s only hobby. He has also snuck into World Series games, boxing matches, and also 14 Olympics. Sports. He has managed to get into eight Academy Awards, and even a Playboy Mansion Party. He had a photo taken while in the mansion; it shows him wearing Hugh Hefner’s famous robe.

When you and a friend are arguing about what the greatest streak in sports history is, when they say Joe Dimaggio’s 56 game hitting streak or Cal Ripkin’s 2,632 games played in a row, go back and say, gate crasher Dion Rich: 32 Super Bowls.